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Beehive Chat – 12 March 2007

12 Mar
March 12, 2007
By MP Tariana Turia | Maori Party
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Last week a fourteen year old Taranaki boy took on the state broadcaster. Kyle Wadsworth caused TVNZ to suffer major anxiety attack after he broke into its new website, and downloaded a couple of episodes of Shortland Street. “It was pretty easy” Kyle reckoned. “It was just there”.

Whilst security buffs were thrown into high alert, I marveled at the ingenuity of this teenager and at the sophistication of his IT skills.
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Schoolboy gains easy access to TVNZ site

8 Mar
2007 | Taranaki Daily News
Thursday March 8, 2007
By Leighton Keith | Taranaki Daily News,

TVNZ has tightened security around a new website after a New Plymouth schoolboy helped himself to episodes of his favourite show.

Kyle Wadsworth, 14, a New Plymouth Boys’ High student, embarrassed the broadcaster by tapping into its new on-demand television website at the weekend and wrote about it on blog site Throng.

“It was pretty easy, it was just there,” Kyle said.
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Schoolboy cracks TVNZ’s web trial for ‘on-demand’ TV

7 Mar
5:00AM Wednesday March 07, 2007
By Martha McKenzie-Minifie | NZ Herald
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TVNZ has been embarrassed by a teenager who accessed a trial version of its on-demand television website and posted details on the internet.

Kyle Wadsworth, 14, who writes online as Tui, typed “on demand” while searching the state broadcaster’s main website. He registered on Saturday night , downloaded shows and wrote about it on TV watchers’ website Throng.
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Press Release: TVNZ ondemand review

5 Mar
Monday March 5, 2007
By Rachel & Regan Cunliffe | Throng
Emailed Press Release

We’re always having a little chuckle to ourselves at some of the silly mistakes large companies make when it comes to the web.

Last night we had one of the 14 year old members on our TV site,, post a full on, in depth review of TVNZ’s soon to be released ondemand service – complete with screen caps of how it works and what to do etc.

We were kind of surprised to think that TVNZ had included a 14 year old in their beta test but as it turns out, they hadn’t.
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