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Palmy North: 16th, 17th, and 18th May

29 Apr

Over the 16th, 17th, and 18th, I will be down in Palmy!
A friend of the family, Terri is graduating from Uni,
and since Mum couldn’t go, I stepped in and I can’t wait!
She’s such an awesome person, I can’t wait seeing her again!

I’ll be attending two functions: One for the psychologists, and one for the extramural students association dinner.


URL Change

28 Apr

Yeah, the URL of my blog has been changed for privacy reasons.
I’d really appreciate it if you could keep the URL to yourself.


P.S: If you are wondering what the number are for, well it’s kinda geeky. They stand for mobile prefixes: 028, 027, 025 and 021.

Note: Like most articles before May-April, this was imported from my old blog and no longer applies.

I love connections

27 Apr

…if that’s what you want to call them.
I cannot believe that I am still talking about my TVNZ ondemand article. It’s weird. But still, good things are happening from it!

1. TVNZ are flying me up to Auckland next week, to meet the CEO and a department-head, Jason

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to organizing a visit to meet you.

2. I’m going to the Shorty celebrations

…you and your father are being invited to attend the Shortland Street 15th Birthday celebrations…

3. I’m going to get props left-over from Rude Awakenings, because the creator remembered my name when I emailed M.F Films about A second series.

Garth Maxwell the creator of Rude Awakenings noticed that you are a fan on Throng & we saw your TVNZ hacking article.

What’s next?

TVNZ Update

27 Apr

A short run-down on what I’ll get up to on Friday.

Arrive at TVNZ around 12pm – Watch the Midday news go to air, then have lunch out with Jason. Have a bit of a tour around the building, and meet with Rick Ellis at 2.30pm. Later that night, is the Shortland Street Celebrations.

If you do wanna catch up, let me know! I’ll be meeting up with some mates so that should be fun 🙂

OMG *edited*

26 Apr

So most of you know that I’m going to TVNZ next week, but thats not all….
I’ll be at the filming of a Annervesary special (red carpet!), followed by an after party. I can’t wait! I got my invite today 😀


22 Apr

Next Friday (May 4), I’ll be flown up to Auckland.
From there, I’ll get picked up and taken to The Heritage Hotel, then I’ll be off to TVNZ for a day. At 1pm or so, I’ll be going for lunch with Jason Paris, Head of Marketing Emerging Business at TVNZ. He is the one who made this trip happen! I’ll be with him the whole day…I think.
I’ve been told that I will be able to meet Wendy and Simon from ONE News, and watch the news go out live, which should be exciting.
The next day is an empty one – I plan on wondering around and hopefully going to the movies at Sylvia Park somehow – worlds biggest cinema screen!
Other than that, there is nothing planned. So if you know me and want to do something, let me know! On Sunday, I have all morning free, before heading to the airport at around 12ish to catch my flight home.

I know that one of the questions I’ll be asked at TVNZ is “How did you do it?”. I’m a little bit nervous as I think the way I did do it is going to be a letdown for those interested. But that doesn’t matter – either way, the whole thing was good publicity for both TVNZ and Throng.
One thing I’ve been thinking about, is why would they fly me up? It’s the most awesome thing and I’m stoaked, but I’m not really sure on why they are doing it. All I did was get into their ‘secret beta’ website, review it and download a few shows. In fact, when it got into the news, I wasn’t too sure on what the big deal was! I.T bloggers had a ball – a 14 year old got into their unreleased website! Other people thought that it was funny the little guy supposedly ‘took-on’ Television New Zealand. So I guess when I think about it, It was a big thing.
But so is visiting the state broadcaster.

I’m really excited, and exactly what is going to happen on the day I don’t know.
I just hope I get a TVNZ keyring!


14 Apr

I was walking into Countdown yesterday, when I noticed as I walked, I was looking at all sorts of people – thin, wide, short, tall, female, male, old, young etc and I realized something.
The thing is, when you are out & about or reading about someone (who you don’t know), you always tend to ‘know yourself’. For example, you have the ‘admin’ view of your life. You control your actions, choose your friends, jobs, and you will always have this sense of ‘you”.
When I walked into that supermarket, I realized that I do not regard these people have lives too. To me – they are just other people. But to them, I am just another person. Everyone has a life story – a life tragedy, their own way of life, their own family & friends, and this is something that makes them whole. I am a people person – I enjoy listening to ‘life stories’, learning about other people and being their mate. Because once you regard their existence, both of your lives change.