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Coming To A Close – TVNZ/Shortland Street

28 May

The end of May is approaching with incredible speed – the end of the best month ever.
May was the month I flew up to Auckland to go to Television New Zealand and attend the Shortland Street Birthday Party – the best party of my life. It was amazing – a night I will never forget.

The Casting Director offered me an audition after talking to Dad about an ad she recently starred in. She asked about me, Dad mentioned how I wanted to be in the show and she instantly wanted to meet.
I talked with Anna (Maia) and Alison (Yvonne) for about half an hour, about all sorts of things. Alison told me that her son recently auditioned (he’s my age) but didn’t get the part. Anna cleared up one thing – the information about her on Wikipedia, is incorrect. She never lived in New Plymouth – shes a Auckland girl.
After Dad had a talk with Michael (Chris), I went over and we talked about the new sets and about my audition. From here, I was branded ‘Chris’s lost son’ and ‘the future star of Shortland Street’. Meeting up with Michael, David (Tama) and I *think* Karl (Nick) in the lobby of the Men’s toilets, we ended up singing for some reason and I just hung out with the guys.
I went over to talk to Kathy (Brenda), we talked for ages and she introduced me to Nicola, who played Huia. I hadn’t met her before, so it was great. I had a photo with Nicola and Kathy later on in the night.
I talked with Paul Holmes and Suzanne Paul, Paul’s a cool guy and Suzanne is just unbelievably funny.
I hung out with Rachel, Regan and Katy during the night – totally awesome!
Got pictures with David, Michael, Laura (Toni), Nicola, Alison and more!

To see photos of the night – click here to see Rachel’s photos she took for Street Talk/Throng. On the second page are photos with me and the actors.

What was supposed to be a post about May ended up being about my trip – heh. But the coolest thing is when I go to Auckland for the final of Pop’s Ultimate Star – I will be able to go back to TVNZ! Awesome! Hopefully, if Katy gets a ticket to the show, I can meet up with her again and maybe see Rachel & Regan if they are there!

Those asking about my audition with Shortland Street – I can say that my name is on the list for the next character of my age. Andrea, the Casting Director has got my agent’s and my details on file, so I look forward to an audition sometime this/next year. And yes – it is actually going to happen!

Edit: I won’t be going to Pop’s Ultimate Star as they (Touchdown) have moved the show to Wellington.


“Do the blue monkey”

23 May

‘it’s easy when you know how”
“I’m guna put my hand up there” “feels good too”
“loads of fun” “loads loads of fun”
“Well that’s a funny how’d ya do”
“while you’re sittin, you could be nittin”
“shake your body to the ground”
(not in order – randomly picked lines)

Heard these words? Then you have probably heard ‘Blue Monkey” by Suzanne Paul.
Released in 1994, the song was mocked but still loved for its humor.
Suzanne today, tries to forget it BUT I have now got it on video, CD and DVD! It’s great!
Go NZ Music Month! Request it at your local radio stations today 😀

The Recent (as of now)

20 May

Firstly, I’ll start with my woes, and why I hate DRM so much.
The Shortland Street 15th Anniversary Special, which was filmed at a Shortland Street party on May 4, was on last week. I recorded it, only to find the Hard Drive on the recorder had been wiped and no record of it existed.
Well, that was until I checked TVNZ ondemand. I found it on there, downloaded it and used my free playpoints to play it. The file is protected by DRM – a protection that insures the video will only be playable for one week. TVNZ is full of great people – I have nothing against them. But there will come a time when you don’t like something they do, like a best-friend. I hate the fact they put DRM on these files. People can record shows when they are broadcast and keep them on DVD or video – but people are not able to keep downloaded shows from their site. There might be a few that think it’s nesseary(sp) – and I’m sure there are great reasons for it – but it won’t stop me from being annoyed. I probably wouldn’t be annoyed if there was no time limit on the downloaded show!

I wrote a four-page long essay on selected scenes in Romeo&Juliet – and left it on the bus on the way back from Palmy North.

woes aside..

Apart from leaving my work on the bus back to New Plymouth, I had a awesome time in Palmy. It was awesome staying up late with Terri, having a few drinks, celebrating at parties and so on. We talk about everything. She was buzzing about graduation – and still is. She will be going onto the next stage in her degree – Master of Psychology.

TVNZ’s CEO Rick Ellis sent me a album, celebrating 15 years of Shortland Street. It’s awesome – and somehow, I don’t think lots of them were made. Only cast and crew got them, and others involved with Shortland Street. I also emailed a ‘high-up’ person who works on the show, and got sent a prop used on the show. I’m not allowed to say what it was in case you ask for one too, but it’s a great souvenir of my time in Auckland in early May.

Touchdown Pictures, makers of the new show “Pop’s Ultimate Star” are sending me 6 tickets to the grand final. The show’s contestants feature Camilla Temple (NZ IDOL 04 – final 3), Ben Lummis, Rosita Vai and Matt (NZ Idol 04,05,06 winners).

I’ve also given my blog a new look! It’s not a big deal, but I always hated that ‘squary‘ look it had before. If you want to get a email when ((whaiora ignition)) is updated, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

Edit: Following the new template for my blog, I’ve also changed how comments are made. Because *some* people don’t have an a account on Blogger/Google, I’ve made it so you don’t need to be a member to comment. But to stop spam, I’ve turned on word verification. Hopefully, the people who don’t have accounts will get them soon and I’ll be able to put everything back the way it was!

 Edit: Some of the above has been grayed-out because this blog is no longer hosted by Blogger.


12 May

So I was walking up the path after finishing from work tonight,
and this thing was on the wall!
Almost had a heart attack – I really hate spiders.

Rude Awakenings Support

12 May

Before I start, I’ll just say that my entry about going to TVNZ will be finished soon! I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had time.
Now, if you watched Rude Awakenings, you would have found what a truly great show it is. It is so well made, it has the look of a high-budget American show (eg: Desperate Housewives), but is very kiwi.
TVNZ have said that there won’t be another series, despite the fact there are heaps of fans out there. Personally, yeah I liked the show. It can’t be compared with Outrageous Fortune, but both shows are of the same quality.
Click here, check out my post and then show your support! Don’t let TVNZ make the mistake of canning probably the best series they have ever screened.

Photos from Auckland

6 May

Here are some photos from my trip to Auckland May 4-6!
Special thanks to Paul for taking the first two and Nicola for the last one. Aslo thanks to Rachel for her photos on Flickr (link further down).

View from roof

It’s not the roof of the building that my room was in (The Heritage have multiple buildings), but it’s a roof all the same. There was a pool & spa up there, hence the towel.

Getting ready for the party

On Friday night, Me & Dad went to the Shortland Street 15th Celebrations. The first hour or so was filming a special episode (on TV2, Sunday 13th May, 7pm), and then we went into the party which went all though the night. It was formal – and this is what I wore. Special thanks to Nicole at TVNZ for organising the suit!

At the Party

This is a photo Nicola took of me with Paul Ellis (who was Fergus in the show), and another former Shortland Streeter. I can’t remember his name or who he played, but I do remember him on the show.

For more photos of the night, including more of me with the stars, click here to see the photos taken by Rachel for Throng/Streettalk.

The Road to Auckland

3 May

Here’s whats happened so far on my adventure to Auckland, TVNZ and Shortland Street!

9.45 Hey! We are now at the airport, but they are not taking in check-ins for the flights to Auckland as their airport is closed due to fog! That sucks, but it doesn’t mean our flights are delayed! Will post soon

10.00 An announcement has just gone over – our flight has been delayed until 10.35 as the airport is still closed due to fog. Some family friends have just arrived to see us off – what a cool surprise! They are probably the coolest elderly people I have ever known. So I’ll chat with them, and tell you about any progress. There’s another announcement in half an hour.

10.33 All flights to Auckland CANCELED. Friggens. I’m not going to swear but argh! Farken hell! I really don’t want to miss the news going out! I’m going to miss my meeting with the TVNZ C.E.O, my lunch appointment and i’m so annoyed. Rachel texted me saying that I was going to get to Auckland. Hope so. I really hope they don’t delay my trip till next week – The Shorty St celebrations are TONIGHT!

10.56 Hey. Just got home. Texted Nicole (my TVNZ contact), but she didn’t get my texts. The travel agent rang her and she rang me – she said that we are going to miss the news going out (which sucks!!!) – but she said their priority is getting me there at all costs. That is so cool. I love TVNZ. But I really hate the fact I’m going to miss my TVNZ tour, my lunch, the news…..****!!!!!!!!!
Now I wait. Nicole is trying her best to sort something out – will post on developments.

11.05 LOL, I should have been arriving by now! Nicole just rang, has booked another flight for 1pm. Just received updated itinerary – arrival at 1.45pm. Last resort is the chopper – lol!

12.05 Watching ONE News, I remembered I should have been there watching it live in the studio! Gah. Anyway, I’ve got the TV on TVNZ Teletext, and so far a Palmy flight to Auckland has been canceled and a flight to New Plymouth from Auckland has been canceled. Hmm. The future is dim.

12.07 Another flight to Auckland has been caned! Wanganui to Auckland.

12.30 We left for the airport, but had to go back just after we left because Dad forgot his glasses. This kinda made us late! We ran from the airport carpark, into the terminal, threw our bags onto the weighing thing and went to sit down. As soon as we did, we were called to board the plane. I gave Mum a hug (:p) and me and Dad went towards the plane. Because this flight was booked about an hour before, we had different seats. I had the front seat, A1 and dad had B17.

1pm The guy sitting next to me (Daryl) worked on the rigs (there are heaps around Naki). He took out his PSP and showed some photos of his newy-born daughter, Rose. He said that he misses his family alot, as he gets two weeks with them, then two weeks on the rig.
Daryl asked why I was heading for TVNZ, and was stunned when I told him what had been happening. My ultimate goal this weekend was to make connections. This weekend could well shape my future! He said that he would look out. Daryl was fun to talk to, really good company. But it made me think about a Carrer on the Rigs. Free flights, free meals, free everything plus pay for work! Well to think about it, you do pay. You pay with the price of leaving you family behind.

1.45 We arrived at the airport. I was quick to text Nicole, my TVNZ contact and Rachel, who runs the TV review site Throng. It took forever for our bags to come around the loopy thing, and we (we being Dad & me) walked towards the outside doors. Walking around the corner to reach the door, I saw a guy holding a sign with “MR & MRS WADSWORTH” written on it. Gah. I wonder who was the Mrs? LOL. Well that was our ‘Corprate’ ride to Television New Zealand. From the airport to TVNZ, the whole trip cost over $70. We didn’t pay – TVNZ had that sorted!

2.40 We’re at TVNZ! We walked into the lobby, and a lady asked if we were ‘The Wadsworths’. That was weird, as it sorta felt like she was addressing some American family-show. She printed some stickers for us (to wear in TVNZ – they had name, etc) and we sat down. On the phone next to me was Miri from Karaoke High! It looked like she worked in the TVNZ cafe. Nicole, who organized my trip to Auckland came down and greeted us. It was awesome! We went though the glass doors into the building, then into the coolest lift ever and up to her office.

I went and meet Jason Paris, he was the man who got me here. I went with him to Rick Ellis’s office (TVNZ C.E.O) and we all sat around a table talking. Dad and Rick had a long convo about computers lol, as I drunk from my cool TVNZ branded-glass of water.

I left Mr. Ellis’s office and had a tour of the building. It was so interesting seeing the many departments that make TV work! Lots of people called me ‘Tui’ when they found out it was me that ‘cracked ondemand’. It was funny. I love the lift. Its the coolest lift ever. One thing that made the atmosphere fun was the layout of the building. Nicole was telling me that it was intended to be a shopping mall, and that’s how it has looked like ever since. And it’s awesome!
I went down to Studio 2, met Matt & Dayna and they remembered me from the Naki’ Squad days. Naki’ Squad was a fan website for the Super Squad team from my school, Highlands Intermediate back in 2005.
Going though the News department, I meet Simon and Wendy, who remembered from when I was in the papers over ondemand. Simon swung round to sit on the back of his chair and said “It was you!!”. He is awesome. Wendy didn’t talk much though, but she did say hi and bye. That was cool.
One thing I liked was seeing all the posters everywhere. There were Close Up ones, news ones, Desperate Housewives ones, and there were even a few Rude Awakenings ones!
If TVNZ had said I had to say one bad thing about it all, I wouldn’t have said anything. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them. Everyone was friendly, casual and yay!
I asked if there was anything I wasn’t allowed to say, and I was told i could say anything.

I talked to Rick Ellis and Jason about Rude Awakenings. Despite there being plently of fans for the show, there will not be another series. It was admitted that it is hard to get viewers for an 8.30 timeslot. I told them it (along with Dancing with the Stars) was the only reason why I watched ONE. There was no other reason, apart from that i watched ONE News at work.
I told them truthfully, that I very rarely watch TV3. I’ve never liked Sticky TV, their shows (apart from Outrageous Fortune), and the channel has a very ‘closed’ feeling, along with it is very hard to contact by email.
Also, TV2 has Studio 2, Spongebob, Shortland Street, NZ Idol, etc.

I got some Corperate Cab vouchers from Nicole, got given a map to the Suit Hire place and me 7 Dad walked down the road, checked into the hotel, checked out the primo rooms and left to find the suit hire place. We needed suits to wear at the Shortland Street party, which arrival time was at 5.30.

It took us ages to find the place, but once we did, we chose out suits and then waited while they were prepared, then at 5pm ran all the way back to the hotel. I managed to drop my tie in the lobby (which i found when going to wait for the cab outside), I got back to my room, had a shower, got dressed and ready.

5.20 Waiting outside for the cab, I texted Nicole to say it hasn’t arrived yet. But on the bright side, wearing these suits just outside the Heritage Lobby made us fit into the dress code of the hotel. I’m serious, each time we were ‘casual’ at that hotel, it felt like we were under dressed. Everyone was in suits and flashy-clothes!

5.32 The cab arrived. The driver apologised for being late..”I’m so sorry sir, my previous job held me up..” so professional! I enjoyed being treated as if I was someone important!
In the cab, I texted Katy. She said she was waiting for me at the red carpet, telling me to hurry up. Dad was talking to the driver, telling him all about TVNZ. The driver said that he would usually drop off people at the back of the Aotea Center, but instead, he dropped us off at the front.

From there, we walked down a path, where we spotted huge Shortland Street posters hanging in the windows of the building. We walked over to it, up a ramp where I saw Katy instantly, standing next to Jana and Regan.

6pm After standing by the red carpet for a while, watching stars enter I went in and met Dad downstairs. We had a drink, saw Rachel, Regan and Katy come in, then went into a bigger room where tables were setup, Shortland Street pictures everywhere and we took a seat at our table – number 30. Rick Ellis, TVNZ C.E.O sat down with us at talked to Dad for awhile. On the tables were plates of sushi, dips and breads, glasses and wines, little ‘Shortland Street’ branded bottles of Vodka and a Shortland Street centerpiece. I forgot to take home the vodka but I took the centerpiece! After a while, Jason came over and said he would like to move us closer to the mainstage and one of the performance stages. It kinda increased our chances of being seen on TV, so why not? We moved and met all the people at our new table. Then we learn the PM’s bodyguard would be siting next to me. Nice.

6.30 Filming on the ‘Shortland Street 15th Annervesary Special’ began – with Dominic Bowden (From NZ Idol) as the host. The show has a number of clips though it – live performances, interviews and more! It was totally awesome! I’m not going to say much about it at this point – but I will say watch out for me! I’m on the table just behind & between the table with Helen Clark, and the table with Michael Gavin, Laura Hill, Angela Bloomfield, etc. You should see me, the camera was always looking in my direction 🙂

8.30ish Filming is over! Music starts to play and people are getting up and talking to people at other tables.

I had such a awesome night – The casting director asked if I would like an audition, I talked to so many awesome people, I got lots of people’s cards, I had great drinks, I danced, hung out with Rachel, Regan and Katy, it was the best night ever. I can’t really write in much detail about it – but I might one day. I’m too tied up to now, but it was the best night I have ever had.