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Auckland Update

24 Jun

Due to accommodation issues, I will now be coming up on Friday 6th July, leaving New Plymouth at around 5am.
As from before, I’ll be leaving Monday 9th June, probably after lunch.


Outrageous Fortune 3: It’s back!

22 Jun

The best TV show of all time is returning to TV3!
Check this out: Season 3 looks great!

9.30pm Tuesdays, on TV3.

Empty Space…

21 Jun

I’ll admit I’ve had nothing to write about. Theres just…nothing there right now. But as people keep bugging me to post, I thought I’d write something.
I have my HTC Apache phone now – which is great. I love it for it’s features, including how it has Word on it. It is very, very useful and involved with my work at achool and just stuff I need to do. I love it.
Tonight I sold my old phone – and it has the old number on it. So please don’t text it! Text my new number instead 🙂
At school, I have a few things happening. I am doing a Internal Assessment (Level 3.3) of Drama next term, and also coming up are speaches. I am terified! I hate them. I’ll have to figure something out about that.

Not long till I rock Auckland! I look forward to visiting CINEMAXX at Sylvia Park. That will be cool. I also look forward to catching up with Katy!

Homework sucks. I’ve had SO much of it over the last few nights! I am really tired in the mornings, and not in the evenings so it’s not really balancing well.  Hopefully I can sleep in on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll probably end up doing a ‘School Rant’ soon, so get prepared. Oh, and if you have a RSS reader, add my blog to it! It will make it easier, so you know when it has been updated. My blog feed is:

New 027 Number (Telecom)

17 Jun

Since I’ve got a new device and it has to be attached to a phonebill, I decided to get a new number.
If you have my Vodafone number, replace ‘0211’ with ‘0275’ and you will have my Telecom number!

Yup – they are the same, except for the ’02##’ part. 🙂

The Recent (14 June)

14 Jun

Yesterday I went to the Fielddays in Hamilton!
It was great! There were so many stalls, so many free products and it was so much fun with all my mates in the bus at 6am and 4pm-8!
It didn’t rain, which was good, but the temp jumped from hot to cold all day. The ANZ tent/stall/roomish thing offered free catering, So we went there for some lunch. The Summit-Quinphos roomy/tent also had free catering, and a machine that made free hot drinks. They were GREAT!
The Fonterra one had lots of freebies. Yogurt, Primo, Milk, Ice Cream and heaps more! Twas great! One place I spent time at was looking at what Universities offered. I decided on doing Media Studies (BA) at Massey when I grow up. It’s something I really want to do and so I’ll aim at that.
I brought a ‘Cattle Prodder’ from Genesis Energy, A program and that was it. It was too big to see everything, but I did skip most of the stalls that involved farming.

I have to write a essay about it, So I’ll do that and may post it up here as well. Why not? I’ll also post a poem I had to write for a competition for YouthFest.

Also: My 027 phone is still playing up, So I’ll be taking it back to The Warehouse again.

Auckland Visit Dates

14 Jun

After I finally got things sorted, here ares the dates of my Auckland visit:
Thursday July 5 – Travel To Auckland
Sunday or Monday July 8/9 – Return to New Plymouth

Friday July 6 – Drive to Auckland (5am)
Monday July 9 – Drive to New Plymouth (after lunch)

I’ll be going to the cinemas at Sylvia Park, Rainbows End, SKYTOWER, Brucies, TVNZ (waiting to be confirmed), Rangitoto Island, Kelly Tarlton’s, and hopefully more!

This will be the best birthday ever..

Text my 027

10 Jun

Just thought I’d say that my Telecom mobile is out for a few weeks as i found it’s receipt!
Ever since I got it, it has had faults. I’ve played with settings, but it will not vibrate or beep or whatever when a text comes through. If I can get the money back or the phone replaced, I’ll sell it so I can put the money towards a pocket pc!

The Warehouse fixed my phone sooner than I thought they would, so yeah xD

It still has problems… :@