The Recent (14 June)

14 Jun

Yesterday I went to the Fielddays in Hamilton!
It was great! There were so many stalls, so many free products and it was so much fun with all my mates in the bus at 6am and 4pm-8!
It didn’t rain, which was good, but the temp jumped from hot to cold all day. The ANZ tent/stall/roomish thing offered free catering, So we went there for some lunch. The Summit-Quinphos roomy/tent also had free catering, and a machine that made free hot drinks. They were GREAT!
The Fonterra one had lots of freebies. Yogurt, Primo, Milk, Ice Cream and heaps more! Twas great! One place I spent time at was looking at what Universities offered. I decided on doing Media Studies (BA) at Massey when I grow up. It’s something I really want to do and so I’ll aim at that.
I brought a ‘Cattle Prodder’ from Genesis Energy, A program and that was it. It was too big to see everything, but I did skip most of the stalls that involved farming.

I have to write a essay about it, So I’ll do that and may post it up here as well. Why not? I’ll also post a poem I had to write for a competition for YouthFest.

Also: My 027 phone is still playing up, So I’ll be taking it back to The Warehouse again.


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