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Goodbye strict, ‘together’ teachers….

30 Jul

…and hello fictional characters!
For Math today, Hermione Granger was my math teacher,
Aunt Betty = Home Economics,
Superman (was really a woman) = English,
Robin Hood = Not too sure,
Fred Flinstone = Enterprise,
Wilma Flinstone = Enterprise.

Yes….the teachers decided to do away with their educational ways and decided to have fun for once! Oh, and we had Steve Irwin and Sir Edmund Hilary too.


Publicity Assistant

29 Jul

I need some advice.
Recently, the Publicity Assistant for Shortland Street resigned, leaving an open position. Continue reading

Auckland – Coming Soon

27 Jul

Plans are currently underway for the next trip to Auckland, which will take place next month because of a TV opportunity. More details coming soon!

There’s something about me and Auckland, because the upcoming trip will be the third this year, and the second trip involving TV. This time round, I’ll hopefully visit TVNZ successfully, take my brother to Rainbow’s End and to CINEMAXX to watch The Simpsons Movie (again..) on a even bigger screen, and go to the filming of Deal Or No Deal!

Why haven’t I blogged + The Recent (24 July 07)

24 Jul

I’m seriously considering writing a book. I always have – it’s been a goal since I was small. But that is not why I haven’t been blogging here. I was asked why I didn’t blog about my stint in hospital a week ago. The answer is…everyone already knows, so there’s no point rubbing it in your face further. But I can report that I had a great birthday bash, even if Michael did eat most of my cake. I rented a movie and the latest SingStar, and we had heaps of people over and the night was great fun!

Thanks to everyone who wished a great day – it was the best yet. One thing that I’ve been into since Saturday is Harry Potter. It seemed fitting that the day after I turned 15, I read the last adventure in a story that has been apart of my life for so many years. All those mysteries, all that excitement ended and the whole story was wrapped up, ending a chapter which was occupied by the dramatic happenings of Potter and his friends. For years, people would ask: “What’s going to happen to Harry?” “Is Snape really evil?” “Is Dumbledore really dead?!”

All of it was answered of course, and It is sad to have ended that era. If you have not yet read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, you should. It’s fantastic, emotional and dramatic. The words do not seem like they were written by man – the wording and plot seem like only something destiny could create.

Hospital (A draft I have published)

24 Jul

Last week I wrote this, and decided not to publish it. But I think I will because it shows what I’ve had to put up with, and plus the fact that there is a ‘draft’ post just sitting there is starting to bug me. So here is the happenings of last week.

 Wednesday 18 July

July 20 is the big 15. Opens doors to my license, and all sorts of wonderful things.
Yesterday I had a sore throat that began to develop. I didn’t think much of it because I sometimes get them. Saturday – it got really bad and I had to leave work and go home. 3am – It got worse and worse until Monday when I reached a peak where I couldn’t swallow liquids or food, and breathing air became painful.
Tuesday – I went to see my GP. He said I would have to go to hospital as I was severely dehydrated, and needed a ‘drip’ along other medial terms which I can’t remember. He wanted to give me an injection somewhere, but I turned it down without delay. After getting to hospital, I went to E.D where I sat in the waiting room with Dad for almost 45 minutes. I was called into a small room where I had blood pressure tests, (standard procedure of course), temperature, weight etc. I sat in the waiting room for another 10 minutes. During this time, I felt really sick, I couldn’t talk and I hated suffering. When I was called once again, I was taken to a bed. In a bright room. I’m glad the nurse turned off the light because It was hurting my eyes. I felt like a old person because I couldn’t do anything and people were fussing over me. The nurse (who was very cool) did a blood test and put in a line, and I was hooked up to 1 litre of liquid which was doing to slowly dribble into me while I lay there looking at the ceiling. Dad sat next to me as I dozed off and came to.

That’s where I finished writing before I had to go, and I have no intention of writing all the other boring bits of that day. But I will say, that I went in sick, and came out sick.

Protected: Work…..

13 Jul

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The Recent (Friday 13th ’07)

13 Jul

A week ago I was in Auckland. I left at 5am, and got there at 10am, then hung out on Queen Street until 5pm before being rejected entry into the SKYTOWER because the law says people under 16 cannot be alone. Well that’s what they told me. After that, I stood outside TVNZ while getting stared at by a security guard, before I moved on. Ahh, I love the concreate, lively and vivid city of Auckland. It wasn’t one of my best trips up there, but it was good all the same. My first adventure to Rainbow’s End; first time on a coaster! I also saw Transformers at Sylvia Park, which was FANTASTIC!

One week = Kyle turns 15
One week, one day = Harry Potter – the final book
Two weeks = The Simpsons Movie

It all looks good! But the worst is yet to come – Speeches. Last year, I made a complaint to the Ministry of Education. Not that it went far, but I didn’t do them because cancer turned my family tree black.

Anyway, why am I writing, after I said that I was tired of it? I guess it’s because I really feel like writing. I wrote a note on my Facebook profile called Kyle Wadsworth and the Confused Razzler. When I read it again just minutes before I let my fingers infuriate the keyboard and write this, I was impressed by how I had written it. I enjoyed seeing my use of english in there. I should probably write a book or something!

I just noticed before that the date is Friday 13th. It sucks really because on Friday 13th, I always plan to walk under a ladder or meet a black cat, but it never happens (I always forget). There’s always next time I suppose…

Anyway, I have to go get ready for work. I have $9 a hour now so I am upping my quality. I’ll write more on that later on.