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Moving into the bottom floor

28 Aug

Today I helped the headmaster move his things into his new office, on the ground floor of the new building.
It is fantastic in there! The only way to get to the new offices is to use the current entrance, and walk all the way down the unusually long corridor to the other end.
In the lobby (for visitors, access to office and headmaster’s office) a wall has been decorated fantastically in Rimu taken from the former building. The Student Services reception is fantastic and it is clear that a lot of money was spend on making the building look “just right”!

One thing I want to point out is this:
Major fault

In the red zone, the top side of the triangle is covered in reflective metal. The sun reflects off the face and dazzels drivers with it’s light. This could cause an accident and many staff have realized that this is an issue. However, I’m not sure on what they plan on doing about this.

Helping move Mr. French-Wright’s belongings was a challenging task. We moved filling cabinets, his huge desk, the glass top to his desk, boxes, draws, chairs – but his new office is much, much better than the former one. It’s modern, more bright but his desk looks too historical and out of place, so he is getting a curvy one built out of the remaining Rimu from the Cramond Block.

It was great to be able to help out, and the building is fantastic! I’ve added more photos to my previous post so check it out 🙂


School Redevelopment

27 Aug

Tomorrow when I go to school, I won’t be going to class.
Instead, I’ll be helping move the Main Office, Student Services, Headmaster’s Office, Guidance Department, Board Office, Career Adviser’s Office, Dept. Headmaster’s Office, along with many other offices move from one end of the corridor (in Alexander block) to the other in the new wing.

Cramond Wing Demolition #01Demolition of Cramond BlockCramond Wing Demolition #02
Cramond Wing gets demolished to make way for the multi-million dollar redevelopment.

Only the bottom floor has been completed, but the offices want to move into the new building ASAP so the builders can take over the vacated space and start construction in there.
In Term 4 the upper levels will be opened, with the math department moving from the 3rd floor of the Alexander Block to the second floor of the new building.
Start of next year, a official opening will be held, for the huge redevelopment of the Alexander building and the new wing.

3D Image of NPBHS’s new wingQuadrangle & back of the new building“Extended Alexander Block”

The new building/new wing has no name as of yet, but I suspect it may be called the ‘French-Wright Building’ after our current headmaster (each sportsground/building at Boy’s High is named after a headmaster).
The building has not been given it’s own name, and instead borrows the name of it’s neighbour, Alexander Block. The two buildings merge well into each other, and the Cramond name (previously assigned to the demolished Cramond Wing) has been reassigned to the library. I suspect that the building may be renamed to the French-Wright wing when Mr. French-Wright decides to retire from the school.

To see plans for the new wing, Click here.

Outrageous Fortune: Season 4

27 Aug

A forth season for Outrageous Fortune has been confirmed, with NZ On Air comitting $8,159,240 to the production of a further 18 one-hour episodes. Production starts early next year and will air on TV3 later in 2008.

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Scheduled Maintenance

26 Aug

WordPress (our host) has been having some problems lately, resulting in Whaiora Ignition going down a few times this weekend. The technical reasons for this boil down to some network problems with a couple of WordPress’s bandwidth providers.

From 4.55pm this afternoon, maintenance has been scheduled to try and resolve these problems, and is expected to last 5 hours.

You might be able to access the site during these times, but this is just a note to let you know that there may be ongoing problems until the maintenance is complete.


Whaiora Ignition: TVblog

25 Aug

Aside from this blog, I also have a blog on New Zealand television over on Throng, called “metaphysically television”.
So you can keep up with both, I’ve added a RSS feed to my other blog in the sidebar.

Click here to visit my Throng Blog.

Facelift: Excellent take on TVNZ!

25 Aug

This video is a snip from a episode of Facelift.

Those in the know..

24 Aug

Just a note to those who know whos being murdered next on Shortland Street:
It’s great and all knowing what’s coming up next, but the murder storyline is really good. I’ve decided that I would like to have an element of shock/surprise when the next murder rolls around, so no more spoilers!!

(Unless it’s Mark, because I despise him)