Auckland in August

5 Aug

At 6am, I will be traveling to Auckland (once again), to visit Television New Zealand, South Pacific Pictures, attend the filming of Deal Or No Deal and meet up with a friend Street Talk. And all this on the Friday, which is going to be very hectic and cramped, hence the 6am travel time.

On Saturday, I have nothing planned except for hopefully going to Sylvia Park to see The Simpsons Movie at CINEMAX. Ever since going there, going to average theaters just isn’t the same.

Update: TVNZ have once again closed the door, so I’m going to give up and stop attempting to stay in contact like they asked. It’s proving too difficult and impossible!
In reply to my above comment:

Don’t worry, the door is NOT closed. Have a great trip up though, it sounds like you have lots of other exciting things planned.

No longer meeting Rachel from Throng – but will meet up with Katy from Street Talk.


One Response to “Auckland in August”

  1. Kyle 6 August, 2007 at 6:16 PM #

    It’s looking very bland now…

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