Vocab Woes

5 Sep

As my apparent series in ‘woe’ posts continue, I noticed something gastly about my posts.
I use the same vocab when describing stuff.
It doesn’t sound like much, but this is a major issue.
I was going to post on Throng, but I couldn’t think of words to describe a promo video for a TV show. I realised that the words I was going to use, were ones I always used!
For example, I always say “cool” “awesome” “incredible” “amazing” “fantastic” and other words which I can’t recall right now.
Maybe I should loose the constant, intelligent slur and adopt a more ‘teenage’ way of posting online, but I cannot stand ‘tXt sPeAk” online. Gah.

Maybe I should buy a thesaurus and learn a few hundred new words?


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