The Dash!

26 Sep

You may remember my post awhile ago about “The Dashboard”, a nifty feature that allowed you to log into WordPress and start commenting on this blog.
I didn’t like that module because the only feature you would use is the login/log out feature. The links to RSS and WordPress seemed unnecessary to me. I couldn’t personalize it either, which really bothered me yet I liked the idea of a ‘dash’ on my site.

So I decided that I was going to build my own module (so to speak) and I’ve done it!
It doesn’t have the technology of the old one (login link changing to logout link) but I think it’s better all the same.
The top has “All Members”, features that all visitors, anonymous and members can use. There is the cool “random” feature, which takes you to a random post somewhere on Whaiora Ignition.
There is also a link to my RSS feed, and a link so visitors can sign up for their own account to comment.
Members have the choices of logging in, logging out and accessing their dashboard (not to be confused with this new “dash” feature).

I’m really proud of “the dash” and I hope I will be able to add more features in the future! I don’t think there is anything else like it out there that is user made. Please check it out and send me a message!

P.S: It is currently at the bottom of the sidebar as it is in BETA.


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