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To Tamar + other SPP staff :)

31 Oct

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29 Oct

One thing I have always supported is New Zealand shows on DVD.
The reason for this is because NZ has some great stuff out there that isn’t on DVD.
I have pushed for many kiwi shows to be released, and two are now in the works: Sensing Murder and Facelift.
The sad part is Sensing Murder will be of a huge cost and will not be worth buying at such a high price ($80 for only 6 episodes or $20 a episode).

I’ve said to TVNZ and production companies, why produce fantastic local content when it will only be aired once and then collect dust on a shelf somewhere? Why not release it for the public to enjoy it when they want?
It’s always confused me. The product will be around forever, but it’s life on TV won’t. And if it’s a good enough product, release it and make more money from it!
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25 Oct

Domain & banner
The domain “” will now redirect to “”, so don’t be confused if the URL isn’t familar. It will be. I changed the colours in the banner to highlight the fact changes have been made and included the web address in the bottom corner.

Non-account commenting
To go with the changes, you can now comment WITHOUT an account. My reason for introducing this feature is to make commenting easier for everyone, but I still encourage making an account. You will have more benefits and it is more secure (for example, if Wille Fall comments using the “enter a name & email” method, Fred can type Willie’s name into the name field and post comments under his name. With an account, your username is registered to you and can’t be forged).

The Woolworths Robbery

25 Oct

Well, sorta a robbery.
Just got back from Woolworths. Dad wanted to go down and buy some Mello Yello about 15 minutes ago, so we went downtown to the supermarket. We got what we wanted and we were walking to a checkout when I noticed a big guy going to the exit. He had a beanie on and a dark blue Chubb jacket. I noticed it looked like something was under the jacket and he caught my eye, pulled the jacket over his arm more and glared.
I hadn’t seen him go though the only checkout that was open, so I said “I think he just stole something”. We watched him and went to a checkout and told the operator what I saw. Dad recalled seeing him holding beer under his arm in the beer isle, and the lady said that she saw him looking there.
We went outside, walked around but couldn’t find him. We left, drove around the block, couldn’t see him so we went home where I told Mum of my exciting story 🙂

The Recent October

23 Oct

Coca Cola Christmas In The Park

I have registered as a volunteer at this year’s Coca Cola Christmas In The Park. It is going to be held in Auckland on December 8th and broadcast on TV3 a few days later. This year’s chosen charety is again Youthline and it’s going to a great cause – I have joined Youthline on this occasion and have signed up as a online member.

Stand By Me

I have finally come to a movie that relates to me! Stand By Me, the 1986 hit featuring River Phoenix is officially my favorite movie of all time. It reminds me of my childhood so much and it’s really funny. I’m currently studying the movie in English and brought the DVD from a bookstore for $7.


A TV show dedicated to only playing NZ music is great, but it gets even better when they release a soundtrack.
The award-winning TV show Outrageous Fortune, which has played nothing but kiwi music since episode one has released a soundtrack. Featuring kiwi classics such as Hello Sailor, Th’ Dudes, Goldenhorse, Opshop, The Finn Brothers and Greg Johnson, the CD is the best of true kiwi sound. I brought the CD today and it is fantastic. Some songs I haven’t heard before (they are yet to appear on the show), but others I have and I really love it. If Outrageous hadn’t released a soundtrack album, then the possibilities of me buying a NZ music CD would have been very, very slim. Good on South Pacific Pictures for supporting kiwi music and getting it out there!
You can buy the soundtrack and enter a competition for a walk-on role at The Warehouse for $22.99.


I don’t have much to say, apart from some movie news.
I have attended a casting call for the move “Show of Hands” and I have also put my name down on a short list to audition as core cast for another movie. How this will work out (as the filming dates clash) will be interesting; I hope I get into one and not the other, instead of both or none.

Also – I have re-arranged the sidebar. I’ve removed the monthly archive module now because it’s not been used since I changed it to a dropdown menu and removed the counter which displayed how many articles were posted in each month. In it’s place, is the “Categories” module which each post is organised under. It is a much better system and allows you to find what you want, easily.

The return of Mello Yello…

18 Oct

IT’S BACK! I can’t believe it, but it’s actually back!

Mello Yello spokesperson, Delina Shields says: “It’s great to see the continuing enthusiasm for Mello Yello. This is the second year we’ve brought Mello Yello back as a summer drink.

“Thanks to the likes of MySpace and YouTube, the popularity of retro products such as Mello Yello has never been easier to gauge.”

Relive the 80’s by buying some from your local supermarket, visiting or by watching this:

Qantas Television Awards 2007

18 Oct

I was hoping to go to these awards now that I have a interest in TV publicity, but at $200 a head, I won’t be going 😦
Mainly because I would have to pay for Dad too (I wouldn’t want to be up there alone) and I have to pay off a few things which eat up all of my weekly wages.
So it’s a shame, and is disappointing. But I will try to attempt the goal of attending next year.