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30 Dec

DISCLAIMER: All information below is false and was created to tie in with the story. Please do not attack them in the streets: this is not real! Thank you.

Join the hunt for the murderer! Below is some information that might help. This is only some of the information though. There could be more that they aren’t telling you….and someone could be lying.
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30 Dec


This is the original, old ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 4 case. It has been remade as an episode.

At 1.30am, Tracey, Head nurse at Welbourn Hospital discovered training-nurse Margy lying on a bed in a private ward, in cardic arrest.
Attempts to save her failed and she was pronounced dead at 1.35am.
Lab results have shown she entered Cardiac Arrest after being injected with a lethal drug.

A George Bush mask was left at the scene, confirming this is the same serial killer who killed 3 other people. However, DNA could not be extracted from the mask as it had been worn by other people, and there was a mix of DNA in the mask.

Training nurse attacked in wardTraining nurse dead from attack

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29 Dec

To celebrate Christmas, snow is falling here on my blog!
It’s late yes – but it’s snow all the same.
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas this year. I did, and I hope to get photos up soon.
Apologies for hardly any posts – but it’s the holiday season! Subscribe to the RSS feed (see Help for more) and instantly know when I update.
Until then, if I don’t post before 1 January, See you in 2008!

Infomation on “Kiel”

27 Dec

I’ve adopted the spelling “Kiel”, which sounds exactly the same as “Kyle”, only it’s spelt the German way.
Here’s some information on it:

Like many other surnames, Kyle has also become a popular given name in English speaking countries. As a given name, Kyle is a gender-blind or unisex first name, most frequently given to males.

Some Variations: Kyle from Sweden, Kehl, Keil, Keyl, Coil, Kail from German and Dutch families; Kuyle from Flemish.

Robert Chalmers of Ayrshire in his History of Scotland, said the word Kyle means “a woody region.”

In Modern Welsh (the language closest to the ancient Brythonic language of Kyle), Coel means “Omen or Belief.” Coelio means “to Believe or Trust.”

Meanings: “Narrows”, “channel”, “strait”, “Fair and Handsome”

Show Of Hands: Wikipedia

27 Dec

I was searching through Wikipedia’s list of New Zealand made films, when I noticed Show of Hands was in the list.
I’m mentioned on the page! Check it out »

Merry Christmas?

24 Dec

How stupid. Seriously. Why is it that people go around saying “I hope your family has a Merry Christmas” when they don’t actually mean it?
Obviously you wouldn’t wish them a misrable Christmas with accidents and death and so on – but it’s still weird.

I think writing that phrase in Christmas cards and saying it to people has become more of a habbit than a “wish”. We don’t really think about what it means, apart from the fact it has something to do with Christmas time and everyone else says it.

Because a mix of people read this blog, I cannot wish you all the same thing, but I wasn’t going to wish a Merry Christmas to you all anyway (considering this blog post questions it).
So to everyone (yes, even you), I do hope (seriously) that there is no death, accidents, stress or pain in your near future over this festive season.



Murder Victims – Mini Episode

20 Dec

Below is a mini episode of Shortland Street, which has all of the murders from 2007.
It’s rough, but thats okay.

Comments with a purple cross are from Street Talk (as that is the website’s logo).
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