6 Dec

From Thursday November 29th to Tuesday December 4th, I was filming scenes for the upcoming feature film, Show of Hands.
I’m not going to say too much about it so the plot isn’t spoiled, but It is going to be a great film.
Read more to see photos and a video from the set.

On Thursday, Dad & I were on set from 7.30am – 6.30pm.
This was a really long, boring day and we only got filmed in one scene.

On Friday, Dad & I were on set from 6.45am – 5.15pm.
It was another boring, long day, but we filmed a number of different scenes which was exciting.

On Monday, I was on set from 6.45am – 6.30pm.
We first went to the car yard (Back to Back Motors) to sign in, have breakfast, check in with wardrobe & makeup. Then we were transported to Puke Ariki for filming. Here, the foyer was turned into a mall. I filmed HEAPS of scenes on this day.

On Tuesday, I was on set from 7am – 7.30pm.
Like Monday, we went to the car yard then went to Puke Ariki. I also filmed heaps of scenes on this day too, including the end of the movie.

During the process, I met up with heaps of cool people – Movie Mum, Chelsie, Christine’s 1 & 2, Blake, Katelyn, Dra, Matt, Alex, Karl and heaps more. We chatted, played games, etc. Movie Mum got me on coffee! Eeep.
Have a gawk at the photos below from set. 🙂

Friday, 30th November:
Inside the caryard buildingsInside the caryard buildingsBack to Back MotorsBack to Back MotorsDrink-making facilitiesWaiting on setPoliceThe buildingDadOutside the showroomDad & William JohnsonMovie Mum & MeDra & Kyle

Monday 3rd/Tuesday 4th December:
Green RoomChelsie & KyleChelsie & MeThe girlsAmy & KyleParking

There are more photos but that’s all I’m going to upload 😛

If you are visiting Movie Mum, leave a comment!
Here’s the video from the Green Room:

On Screen Father #2 was played by Rodney


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