30 Dec

DISCLAIMER: All information below is false and was created to tie in with the story. Please do not attack them in the streets: this is not real! Thank you.

Join the hunt for the murderer! Below is some information that might help. This is only some of the information though. There could be more that they aren’t telling you….and someone could be lying.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a full-sized map of Oriental Street, and where the below suspects live and where the victims lived:

Here are the suspect files for the Murders:

Jane lives right in the middle of Oriental Street. She is a nurse at Welbourn Hospital and when she isn’t working, nobody knows where she is. She lives with her cat and boyfriend.
When at school, she was a popular girl.

MURDER #01 (6/10/07) : Working
MURDER #02 (19/11/07): Working
MURDER #03 (24/11/07): At home
(23/11/07): Working
MURDER #04 (30/12/07): Out of town?
Victims 1 and 3 are known to have annoyed her. Victim 4 discovered who the murderer is.

Lynley lives at the end of Oriental Street. Next to her is a empty lot, where the children play. She is retired and has three cats. She is known to yell at groups of loud, roudy children who hang out by her residence. Is known to collect boots and was once in the Army. Nothing is known of her childhood. Close to the street skip.

MURDER #01 (6/10/07) : Home
MURDER #02 (19/11/07): Funeral
MURDER #03 (24/11/07): Home
(23/11/07): Restraunt for dinner; alone
MURDER #04 (30/12/07): Home

Doesn’t like children that hung outside near her house, which included all the victims. Victim 4 discovered who the murderer is.

TRACEY McNUTT (Named Meredith on the above map)
Tracey lives next to Debbie and Denis. She works at Welbourn Hospital and is Head of Nursing. She has a five-year old son, Malici, and they both mingle with all neighbours. Tracey discovered Margy, a nurse-in-training at Welbourn Hospital, dead in a private ward.
She was bullied at school, but gained many friends during High School. She lives close to bush, where two victims were discovered.
NOTE: Tracey was formally named Meredith.

MURDER #01 (6/10/07) : Working
MURDER #02 (19/11/07): Malici’s birthday party
MURDER #03 (24/11/07): Home
(23/11/07): Home
MURDER #04 (30/12/07): Working

Victim 2 would always frustrate and annoy her. Victim 1 would sometimes kick his ball in her yard, and make her retrieve it. Victim 4 discovered who the murderer is.

Lives between the bush walkway and Tracey. A teacher at Flowston Intermediate, both her sons have finished school and one lives in Australia. She lives with her youngest, Nathan (17). Neither of the two are hardly ever home. During the day and night, the house looks abandoned. It is rare to see anyone at the house.
Was shy at school. Closest to bush, where two victims where found.

Alibis (Debbie):
MURDER #01 (6/10/07) : School Disco
MURDER #02 (19/11/07): Home
MURDER #03 (24/11/07): Shopping
(23/11/07): Unknown
MURDER #04 (30/12/07): Unknown

Victim 4 discovered who the murderer is, but also lived near Debbie. Victim 4 lived alone, but when they lived opposite each other, Victim 4 was known to scream and disrupt the peace with Debbie. Arguments happened with Debbie every other day. Victim 1 once hung out with her son Nathan, but an argument with Debbie ended the friendship between the buddies.

Denis lives across from Marita. Like Tracey, he and his family are known to get along with all residents on the street.
He is well known for having a raging temper and this has placed him on the list. Also, his daughter Jordan was murdered.
Bullied other students at school. Doesn’t live far from the bush, or the skip.

Alibis For:
MURDER #01 (6/10/07) : Home, BBQ
MURDER #02 (19/11/07): Home, preparing Light Display
MURDER #03 (24/11/07): Funeral
(23/11/07): Home
MURDER #04 (30/12/07): Home

Victims 1 and 3 were friends with Denis’s son. They were rude, would never use manners when in the house, walk in as the pleased and helped themselves. Victim 4 discovered who the murderer is.


Victims 1, 2 and 3 were in a small gang of friends. They hung out a lot. Only 5 are still alive, and only 2 live on Oriental Street.
Victim 4 was training to be a nurse at Welbourn Hosptial. It is unknown if she discovered the killer at work or on the street, but she was distressed though the shift and waiting for police. Everyone on the street knew that she was investigating – and getting results.

A alibi was asked for around the time of death/discovery of the victims.

MURDER #01 (6/10/07)
TIME/DATE OF DEATH: 7.30am – 8am, 6/10/07
DISCOVERY TIME/DATE: 8.15pm, 6/10/07

MURDER #02 (19/11/07):

TIME/DATE OF DEATH: 4.15pm – 6pm, 19/11/07
DISCOVERY TIME/DATE: 6.45pm, 19/11/07
MURDER #03 (24/11/07):
TIME/DATE OF DEATH: 9.45pm – midnight, 23/11/07
DISCOVERY TIME/DATE: 10pm, 24/11/07
MURDER #04 (30/12/07):
TIME/DATE OF DEATH: 1.35am, 30/12/07
DISCOVERY TIME/DATE: 1.30am, 30/12/07
was in cardiac arrest when discovered.


  1. katy 30 December, 2007 at 10:40 AM #

    lol! awesome

  2. Jeremy 30 December, 2007 at 1:55 PM #

    i think itz lynley becuz shes tha closest 2 the skip, and she has a reason for killing the people – shes crazy (she gets real angry, doesn’t like people going on her propety and stuff and is unexpected because she is old.) another reason for her being crazy because she collects boots and has 3 cats. She was in the army too

  3. Sonny 30 December, 2007 at 1:58 PM #

    i say denis is the suspect killer because he lives in the middle of the street and hes got two ways to kill the person and could shock them with his light displays. Angry temper and has access to bush and the skip

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