19 Jan

VICTIM 1: Tracey saw Kaden badly bullying another student at Malachi’s school. Fearing that the bully might turn onto her son, she removed him from the situation.

VICTIM 2: She saw Jordan having a wild argument with her father at school. When Tracey tried to stop the girl from being so rude and tried to calm her down, Jordan turned onto her; abusing her in front of other parents and children, and exposed personal secrets that Tracey revealed to comfort Jordan when she was upset about something. Embarrassed, annoyed and furious, Tracey eliminated Jordan a week later, just an hour after she was heard screaming at her father in her home.

VICTIM 3: Derek was selected as a buddy on Malachi’s first day at school. After a week, the two became good friends and Malachi looked up to Derek as a role model. Tracey often got Derek to baby-sit Malachi when she was unable to do so herself. But when Derek stole money while looking after Malachi, lied and yelled at Malachi for blabbing, she followed him into the bushwalk and quickly strangled him, before taking her money back. When found, Derek was badly beaten.

VICTIM 4: Margy began her nurse training at Welbourn Hospital. She moved from Auckland to Oriental Street, and was quick to answer back to officials. Believing that things should go her way at the hospital, she began a interest in the murders. After a few weeks research, she finally put clues together and found out that Tracey was the killer. Tracey knew of the research, and was shocked when she was called to a meeting at the hospital about a development. Knowing Margy was involved, she summoned her to a ward before the meeting and injected her, causing Margy to enter Cardiac Arrest which lead to her death. Tracey claimed to find the body when on her way to the meeting.

VICTIM 5: Kiel is the older brother of the second victim, Jordan. Kiel showed little emotion in the public eye over his sister’s murder, choosing to mourn in private. This lead Tracey to believe that he did not care for his sister, thus was not suitable as a role model for her son. She decided to watch his actions. She changed her mind of the killing motive when she saw Kiel’s emotions at Jordan’s funeral.
Just before she killed Margy, Victim 4, she saw a happy Kiel at the hospital. She was deeply annoyed at how un-upset he was, and decided that she was going to kill him ASAP. This turned out to be the next day.
She waited until Kiel’s Dad went out – and then walked over to his house. Knocking on the door, Kiel invited her in – and told her he would be with her in just as sec, as he was finishing an assignment. She quickly crept into his bedroom and strangled him.

VICTIM 6: After Jane revealed to Tracey that she and the other nurses had been gossiping about Tracey and felt that she was lazy and needed to “do more things herself”, Tracey felt embarrassed, hurt and angry. She was tempted to murder Jane, but knew that it might be obvious. Plus, Jane’s nephew was staying with her. Lucky for Tracey, Jane had told a lot of people that he was coming to stay. After Jane left for work, Tracey went to visit Jane’s nephew, Michael, lied to him and then murdered him in revenge. After she preformed an operation on him, she dumped him back into the house, also dropping her ring.

Will Tracey succeed in a seventh murder? If so, what did the victim do wrong in her eyes? Or will she be caught before she can commit another crime? Find out late april….


One Response to “MURDERER’S MOTIVES”

  1. Margy 29 January, 2008 at 2:46 PM #

    So that’s why everyone was killed! ooohhh Murderer Meredith is one evil woman! I should know; I was murdered!

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