Auckland Update: SUNDAY Evening

20 Jan

About an hour ago I returned from seeing “I am Legend” at IMAX.
I have to say; “I am Legend” is a frightening movie. Seriously. For the first time since I was little, I was terrified. The volume of IMAX; the screams and faces of mutant-like people was just too much! I blocked my ears to block out most of the screaming volume. The best part was probably the huge screen. it was massive!
People left the theater in a stunned silence. All of us; Denis, Paul and myself were frightened at one point!

I defiantly recommend this film, which is about a virus that kills billions of people. It is not SCI-FI; it is about survival.
Sorry my wording is off; I’m still really sick; im dizzy and my temperature is soaring.


One Response to “Auckland Update: SUNDAY Evening”

  1. mxpress 20 January, 2008 at 9:47 PM #

    It was the scariest movies i have seen for years! Shit, IMAX is fantastic. The huge screen and incredible sound are truly amazing. Auckland people, you MUST support IMAX or the IMAX cinema will close and the format will be lost to New Zealand forever. IT IS worth the extra cost to go to an IMAX movie. Don’t let it die.

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