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Scrapped Redesign

27 Feb

In case you are wondering why the blog has been “morphing” over the last few hours,
it was because I was setting up a new design for the site.
But, because of a few elements I wasn’t happy with, I’ve reverted back.
This is what it was to look like:
Scrapped Redesign 1Scrapped Redesign 2
…but I wasn’t happy with the flowers.


Goodbye to ONE News

24 Feb


…..and hello to the new ONE News:

Sneak Peak: Welbourn Hospital

22 Feb

These are what the ID cards for Welbourn Hospital look like:
Welbourn Hospital ID

A flyer about colour coded IDs:
Welbourn Hospital ID Flyer

Other Information:
Recently, a new building was added to the gigantic Welbourn Hospital campus, and named the “Holloway Building”.

Intensive Care, the Emergency Department and Administration moved into the new block, along with new services:
A Hospice (based on the forth + fifth floors),
Emergency Surgical Unit,
Private Observation Rooms,
New Wards,
And a Holloway Nurses Station, which is home to the nurses who work specifically in this building.

The “ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 4: Prologue Episode” will be based inside the Holloway Building.

The Recent @ SCHOOL

19 Feb

It’s period 2 on Monday. Day 3 of the six-day rotation.
The 10 of us in Enterprise are standing outside the classroom, and the bell first went for period 2 half an hour ago.
The teacher finally shows up – and tells us that we aren’t meant to be here. Apparently we were supposed to have been issued new timetables during period 1.
Totally lost – we all pile into the class, where we find out that the two Enterprise classes have merged.
Doesn’t sound like a big deal?
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Faye Smythe celebrates 106.7FM’s birthday

19 Feb

Faye Smythe as Tania JeffriesA few weeks ago, I asked Tamar Munch (H.O.Publicity) at South Pacific Pictures (who gave me work experience at the company) if we would have some Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune cast record some messages for 106.7FM’s birthday.

There has been a short delay due to the fast-turnaround nature of both shows but recording started today! The first cast member to record a message was Faye Smythe, who plays on Shortland Street.

Promos for 106.7FM:

Faye Smythe:
Faye, Helen Clark and Denis:

Helen Clark celebrates 106.7FM’s birthday

Farewell, Naoto Shimogo

15 Feb

Tonight I went to hang out with some mates and say goodbye to Naoto Shimogo, who has been in New Zealand for the past three years, almost four. We’ve seen him go from Japanese man to english-speaking kiwi, and tomorrow he will be returning to Japan with his family for unknown reasons.
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Helen Clark celebrates 106.7FM’s birthday

15 Feb

Today we caught up with Helen Clark and recorded the much-awaited promos for 106.7FM. You can hear them below, with the latter being a mix of her and New Plymouth’s Mayor, Peter Tennent.

Here’s a pic:
Jamie, Denis, Helen and Kyle
Click to enlarge.
It was quite funny actually because when Dad mentioned me and the TVNZ ondemand fiasco (we were talking about meeting at Shorty’s bday party last year), she looked a bit grim but she covered that up quickly by talking briefly about how she remembered it.

Promos for 106.7FM:
Helen Clark:

Helen Clark and Peter Tennent:

Helen Clark and Faye Smythe:

Faye Smythe celebrates 106.7FM’s birthday