Media Library: OPEN

3 Feb
The Media Library, promised back in December 2007 is finally open!
When you click the button at the top, you will be taken to a page where you can choose between “Newspapers & Online Articles” and “Radio Interviews”.When a new item is added, it will be reported here as a blog post.
If this system is abused, then it will be removed almost straight away. Please respect myself and the copyright holders by not taking the pieces from my and their site. Thank you.
More Infomation:

Newspapers & Online Articles
This page honours almost every article I have been mentioned in. It includes media such as newspapers and online articles, and some public blog posts. Scans of the original article or links are provided where possible.
Note that I am still adding articles: I am missing Sunday Star Times, a few scans and other articles I am yet to come across, as well as future pieces.

Radio Interviews
All the radio stations I have been interviewed on are included here. Note that only interviews are there; I do not have every time I have spoken on radio. The 106.7FM interview is coming soon; I’m yet to find it.


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