The Recent @ SCHOOL

19 Feb

It’s period 2 on Monday. Day 3 of the six-day rotation.
The 10 of us in Enterprise are standing outside the classroom, and the bell first went for period 2 half an hour ago.
The teacher finally shows up – and tells us that we aren’t meant to be here. Apparently we were supposed to have been issued new timetables during period 1.
Totally lost – we all pile into the class, where we find out that the two Enterprise classes have merged.
Doesn’t sound like a big deal?

Enterprise, which was period 2 on day 3, is now period 4 on day 3, replacing History. I was really annoyed about that, but it got worse.
All of my classes had also changed.

I was furious! And annoyed. I didn’t want to start in six new, different classes! I was happy how things were!
For the rest of period 2, we stayed in our old Enterprise class waiting for interval while our teacher tried to find and distribute our new timetables. It was like a farewell really, because our class was going to be dissolved. We just chatted. No work was to be done.

I went and ranted to my dean, who was understanding and changed me back to all my original classes – and that was good.
But there were still things wrong that couldn’t be fixed.
I was back in History – except this was a different history class (but with the same teacher).
On day 3, History was period 4, but is now period 2.

Everything I learnt in my “first” History class is now useless, and I have entered a new topic, half way though. I’m hopelessly lost, and don’t understand anything! I refuse to do homework on a topic I do not understand.
Enterprise has started from the beginning – so I have to go over 3 weeks of work just so the new 20 students can catch up.



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