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30 Apr

I have been exploring options which would allow me to upload the episode onto here.
Some scenes were filmed, with the clause that they would not be uploaded to the internet (I signed a contract). We will not be refilming these so I think I might have to cut them out…..
The music would be find though – it’s royalty free production music so that’s cool. So the scenes are only the real problem.
I’m gonna go to work and think on this. Hopefully the episode will be just as good without the forbidden scenes! if not, then I might give the blog a miss. Sorry 😦


((One Year of Blogging))

28 Apr

I just remembered that I’ve been blogging for over one year.
It’s pretty odd because time has gone so fast!
It all started over on Blogger – my original blog still stands. A few months later I discovered WordPress and moved everything from Blogger to here.
Here is a link to the very first page of ((whaiora ignition))


28 Apr

Today, TVNZ sent out a press release with the best news since TVNZ ondemand.
They will release a two-disc set of Sir Edmund Hillary’s life, which will include TVNZ’s footage of his funeral, which I went up with Dad for.

I emailed them about this awhile ago, saying if they release funeral footage about the Maori Queen, who was hardly known compared to Sir Ed, then they can most certainly release footage of Sir Edmund’s funeral.

Part of TVNZ’s venture into DVD land includes releasing the television adaptation of the Maurice Gee novel Under The Mountain. Under The Mountain first screened in 1981, and will be released under the “TVNZ Classics” brand.

And to top that off, In June, TVNZ will also release the documentary The Wahine Disaster, which screened recently on TV ONE and TVNZ 7 to mark the 40th anniversary of the sinking.

Congratulations TVNZ for making the first step, and for dropping the “blind eye” act on the DVD industry.

Costs and release dates:

  • Sir Edmund Hillary 1919 – 2008, RRP $39.99, release date May, TVNZ captions for the hearing impaired available for the funeral coverage and Remembering Sir Ed.
  • Under The Mountain, RRP $29.99, release date 13 May 2008.
  • The Wahine Disaster, RRP $29.99, release date: 11 June 2008, TVNZ captions for the hearing impaired.


27 Apr

Last night, the whole series was presented to the cast and crew, as well as family and friends at Dad’s Birthday BBQ.
All the episodes were joined together, and when the Finale began playing the room fell silent. Throughout there were mutters of “wow”, “well done kyle” etc. At the end there were two rounds of applause and speeches. When the bloopers started playing, I got the prizes + gifts for everyone involved.
The two main cast – Meredith & Marita (Tracey & Jane) each got flowers, petrol vouchers, and a box of Cadbury Favorites. Meredith also got a little black book full of comments and thanks for her performance as Tracey.

It was mostly recorded on video, so if I get time I’ll upload it. If not, It’ll be on the DVD.

It was a fantastic end! The shed set has been taken down and now all that’s left to do is complete DVD production and distribute. Only 20 will ever be made + released. Be in quick.

I’ll leave you with some photos from the night:

The Final Page

27 Apr

And thus, with the end of the 26th of April, 2008, brings us to the final page of ORIENTAL STREET MURDER.
Dad’s birthday BBQ (Happy Birthday btw), also was the finale celebrations of the project – the series premiere.
I will upload some footage and images from the night later. Feedback was great and people really enjoyed it, which was awesome. After the screening, speeches were done, awards given and chats began. Each cast member received a glossy copy of the cast photo, and everyone signed each others copies. It was great.

I also gave a tour to some people of Tracey’s Shed Set. They were impressed by the amount of detail that went into it. I videoed their reactions. Speaking of the set, I finished pulling it down about half an hour ago with Dad and Jamie. How sad 😦
It’s all packed up into a box. All the uniforms have been handed in (with the exception of Marita’s uniform pants), all signs and pictures folderised and yeah.

What a great end to the series. But the book isn’t finished yet. We are on The Final Page, where extra editing is completed and the DVDs are released ($10 each for 5 Disc Set).

Good night! I deserve a break.

PS: I’ll change the banner once I’m on a PC.

OSM Update

23 Apr

Progress with the final is going steady. We shot half of the episode on Saturday afternoon (in 9°C temperatures), and since then we have shot two scenes on Tuesday, five scenes today, with two scenes scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and the final five scenes on Friday, Phew!
Everything filmed as of yet has been edited. I will bound it all together once filming has been completed.

Here is my To Do list over Thurs/Fri:

  • Complete editing on FINAL episode and FINAL bloopers
  • Start DVD production – 20 units = 20 cases, 20 booklets, 100 DVDs
    • Design DVD menus
    • Burn DVDs
    • Press DVDs
    • Label/Cover/Booklet Printing
  • Complete mega episode & bloopers- all episodes joined into one for series premiere on Saturday
  • Complete filming
  • Design booklet layout
  • Confirm final DVD cover

Doesn’t sound like much – but there are heaps of tasks involved with each point. It’s going to be early mornings/late nights….

After this, what’s next?

20 Apr

While ORIENTAL STREET MURDER is set to wind up next week, it will leave people thinking “What’s next?”
In a way, it will be sad to finish this series. But as I think about filming later on today, I just want to get it over and done with.

I do have a few ideas up my sleeve, but they won’t be worked on for a while. I need to recover! This production stuff takes a lot out of you. My next project will likely be a short film, followed by a 2-episode series or something. But we’ll see…

I’m actually exploring my options with Oriental Street Murder. Even though the finale is coming, I’ve thought up some interesting ideas…..more on that later!!