Friend’s opinion

3 Apr

The below is a series of quotes from a post a friend of mine made on her private blog.
Words in italic are ones I have edited, and I’ve taken some sentences out that are personal to her.
I agree with her 100%, and because her blog is private I cannot reveal the address.

So I was listening to “Attention Attention” by The Academy Is, and for some reason that line made me start thinking back to the old days. The days of primary school that is. It was all so simple back then. Backstabbing was when your friend told a girl you liked how you felt. Love was being 7 years old was saying “i like you” and holding hands with them in playground. Tests meant a list of 10 spelling words and a few simple addition and subtraction sums. Fighting meant you ignored that person for as long as you could, then forgetting what made you mad in first place. You could be friends with girls without feelings getting in the way. I’ve been thinking about the choices I made in those days. The friends I made and the ones lost. The risks I should of taken, but was too afraid. The risks I did take, even though I knew it was a bad idea. Would I change everything if I could go back? The answer is both and no. There are definitely things I’d love to erase, but some of the things have taught me valuable lessons. Be very careful who knows who you like. Never let anyone find out where your diary is kept. You can never truly trust anyone. And most important, people can make or break you. They say you control yourself and your destiny, this is not completely true. The things do to you can affect you for the rest of life.


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