Monday 7th April

7 Apr

Today has been a good day. Despite still being tired from the weekend (filming, incidents, rebelliousness and all), I’ve managed to do a lot. I created and uploaded the trailer of the next OSM episode, and made a start on creating the episode. It’s rough – with shouts of “cut!” “action” still in, but it’s all the scenes I have chosen to use out of hundreds of clips, which will make up the first half of the episode. Tomorrow, I’ll put together the second half, and begin to “sugar coat” the episode from the beginning. This involved editing out rough footage/noise, editing in sounds, effects etc.

Also today, I managed to get stood up in assembly, for doing absolutely nothing. While I got off that “charge”, with the penalty being detention, I began to wonder whether getting into trouble every now and then would be such a bad thing. As Mr. French-Wright said in assembly (see I was listening), Boys should be Boys and not bubble-wrapped. After getting Michael (a mate) into huge trouble in the early hours of Sunday morning by going into town, I realized that it was fun to be living in danger, to the point where you get grounded by your parents. Not that I was grounded of course, but Michael was. heh heh. But still, when you are a kid at Primary, it’s always fun to get into trouble, or “pretend” with other students. For example, being hunted down by bad guys in the bush, having lost all your guns and ammo while crossing the rising river.

I’m going to go sleep now. Will try to blog tomorrow.



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