10 Apr

Jane’s nephew is staying with her, up from Palmy North.
Jane is reading the paper before she has to cover a shift at Welbourn Hospital, but Tracey gives her a call.
At first, Tracey is just calling as a friend. But when Jane reveals that she has been gossiping with the nurses behind her back about Tracey, and that she’s actually really pissed of by being her servant, Tracey is overcome by embarrassment and anger.

Hurt, Tracey thinks about killing her. But when she learns that Jane is going to be going to work in a few minutes – and that her nephew will be home alone, she plots revenge.

Jane ends the call and prepares for work, while Tracey sits in her car/van, grabbing gloves and I.V tubing from the glovebox. She watches Jane leave and drive down the street, before leaving the car and crossing over to Jane’s place.

Arriving, she lies to Jane’s nephew, Michael, and explains that Jane is going to return home to give Tracey something. She goes on to lie that Jane is going to cover as Nursing Manager, something that Jane flatly denied during the phonecall.
Tracey is granted permission from Michael to wait in the lounge. While he cooks his dinner, Tracey turns on the TV and puts on her surgical gloves (that she pinched from the hospital; she is a nurse, not a surgeon).

She sneaks up the passage to Michael; but he turns just in time for her to reach the doorway. She quickly lies that she is heading to the bathroom as Michael continues to cook, facing the stove.

While Tracey spends some time stalling in the bathroom, Michael turns up the TV; because there is a song he likes playing in a advertisement for Shortland Street, and so he can hear the TV from the kitchen.
This is perfect for Tracey, who sneaks out of the bathroom and up behind Michael. There is a struggle – but Tracey wins and manages to kill Michael.

She later operates on him in her shed; attempting to remove part of the lungs and to drain the chest. But it isn’t 100% successful. She soon patches up the “wound”, finishes wrapping him up in plastic and dumps him back in the house (and also drops her ring by the body without noticing; the TV is still on and loud). After turning off the TV and some lights, she gazes upon her latest victim. But it’s 10.08, and Jane has just arrived home from work!

Tracey manages to escape out the back door, as Jane discovers her nephews body lying in the kitchen…


One Response to “ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 6 Plot”

  1. Sheree 11 April, 2008 at 2:57 PM #

    Nice! šŸ™‚ Didn’t leave out any important details! šŸ™‚

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