Term 2

4 May

Term 2 of school begins tomorrow. Blah.
I’ve had a good time the last two weeks – just chilling and working on my own personal projects. I needed some time away from school work.
It’s so depressing thinking about school. Ugh. I have a History assignment due, which I completely and honestly forgot about. That really annoys me because I should have remembered. I don’t know how I’m going to explain that one to the teacher 😐

Plus, there’s speeches. So many people have said “you’ll be good at them!” but I know, for sure that that will not be the case. Luckily I had a discussion with Dad and Mike Scott (Photographer for Taranaki Daily News) and we have found a honest way to get out of it. I know, 100% that it is something I am not capable of.

Anyway, the pieces of me that remain after the teacher’s joined scathing attacks will return and post a report here. Stay tuned.

Adding to school woes, I was watching TV last night when the sound died. I have Freeview. I have checked all the connections, restarted the freeview box, all the hoo haa and gotten no where. My HDD recorder which is hooked up to my TV still plays sound when i play a recorded show, so it’s the Freeview box at fault.
Update: The sound returned just now. When I use volume controls on the remote, it shows up on screen but doesn’t alter the sound levels.. This box has to be faulty. I am sick to death of it playing up.
Dad, find the receipt and we’ll take it back.

Also, since my iBook G4 was never upgraded to Tiger, and is still on Panther, new programs and support for it have ceased. So I need to try and get Tiger or Leopard for it, which is money I don’t have right now (especially after OSM, and a upcoming trip to Auckland).

I also need to remember to remind Dad to contract Anthony from TVNZ re: work in the news dept. Remind me.


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