No Clear Interview…yet

29 May

A few weeks ago, I visited TelstraClear and got to check out their secret Clearnet room and meet some people working on their new portal. I also got interviewed about Oriental Street Murder.

Because so many people have been asking me about it, I’m going to post here that I don’t think it will be online. Don’t get me wrong – the people I met are fantastic, but I don’t think they will put the interview video online.
Their video site on Clearnet doesn’t have a category that would suit the interview. The video’s not about games or news; it’s about home made video content. It wouldn’t make sense to put the video there yet, which I understand.

Plus I’ve been told that technical problems are a reason why it’s not up yet – but that’s completely understandable given the site is only a few weeks old.

So maybe it’s not that far away, but still: there could be another chance for OSM to pop up in the media! Watch this space….


One Response to “No Clear Interview…yet”

  1. mxpress 30 May, 2008 at 7:58 AM #

    Yes it is disappointing but I am confident that your recorded interview will make it on line. It will also be exciting when TelstraClear send you the video editing software. That will enable OSM to be edited for a ‘directors cut special release’ (oops)

    Also Simon from South Pacific Pictures has yet to comment re the video. Hopefully he will get a chance to view it soon.

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