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I’m coming back

18 May

Yeah – I’m returning to Auckland over the dates 31 May – 2 June, for yet another TV show called “Dare To Win”.
So far, I’ve only seen myself on 2Tube once.



18 May

Make sure you tune into 2Tube and see if you can spot myself, Jordan, Dad or Paul!
We were involved with the filming of two episodes of the show, with the other screening next week.

Watch the show tonight, 7pm on TV2.

“Television leaching off the web”

12 May

I don’t watch a lot of television but when I sat down in front of the box for a moment last night, I could not believe the levels that our broadcasters have sunk to.

I’m talking about the program 2Tube.

If you’ve seen the programme, you’ll know what I mean.

Now I don’t often play TV reviewer but in this case I just have to say that this is the cheapest, nastiest locally produced programme I have ever seen.

Unlike similar programmes (such as America’s Funniest Videos) made elsewhere in the world where the content is sourced directly from viewers, 2Tube just goes right out and lifts its content from YouTube.

This is true – it is from YouTube. Before the show starts, the screen showsall the sources. For example, you can see the screens searching though various sites for content – they explore Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc.

Now if that weren’t bad enough, they lure idiots to appear as part of the studio audience, apparently the only condition being that you laugh at the host’s lame jokes.

I’m not an idiot, I just wanted exposure. But yes – there are several rounds of laughing practice before filming begins. The host does not come up with the jokes – the writers do.

The clips, often massively pixelated have lame new voice tracks dubbed over them which in some cases completely ruins their original value.

100% CORRECT. Plus, laughing tracks are also dubbed over the clips.

Source: Aardvark Daily.

Auckland: 11th of May

11 May

Kyle’s Report:

Today was a cool day. After leaving North Shore, we headed over to the house of Fortune and snapped a few photos (see below of post), before heading to Rainbow’s End. Now I did have more photos and a few videos of it, but i accidentally deleted them. Oops, but life goes on. Me + Jordan brought keyring photo things of us on a Log Fume, and that was fun. We actually got two photos done of us on that thing and the second one is below.

We left R.E and went to check out the new Brucie’s. It was painful, a overpriced, clean & modern burger joint. Nothing like the past Brucie’s – new logo, staff, menu, prices etc. Not nice, and it was like closure. I brought a drink $4 and moved on.

Speaking of money and high prices, Jordan spent the remains of her Auckland budget on the arcade machines at R.E, earning “tickets” and buying silly prizes lol. Even though they were very cheap, most of them were still cool!

Dad also brought some stuff, all illuminated. Some of this stuff includes a digital photo frame and illuminated salt/pepper shaker. Hmmm.

I’m really very much tired at the present. I might go to bed lol. But yeah, that’s what happened today, sorry about the confusing and brief commentary. lol.

Jordan’s Report:

At the momment I’m in Auckland. Last night I went to 2tube. This Chinese boy let out a huge ripper,it didn’t smell. (Thank God.) I traveled up on Friday and I’m leaving tomorrow. I went to the Outrageous Fortune house today. I should be going to Shortland Street. I’m having alot of fun. Today we also went to Rainbows end. I went on nearly all the rides. NEARLY. The Spongebob 3d movie was alright. I went on it 3 times. The Goldrush ride is the best. I went on it 3 times aswell. I also went on the Pirate ship. I went on it 4 times. The Log ride was fun. I went on it 2 times.
Anyway I better go.

Photo Gallery:

Auckland, 10th of May: Gallery

11 May

2Tube filming

11 May

Well where do I start?
We arrived back from 2Tube at around 9.20pm, and we filmed two episodes, which will be aired on the 18th and 25th of May.

I, as well as Dad and probably many others in the audience, felt sorry for the host and the witty, lame jokes he had to read. No one even smirked at them – very embarrassing.
Still, some of the content was actually watchable and funny. What do I mean about watchable? Well the clips are pretty much stolen off YouTube, and distorted so much that it’s actually hard to tell what’s going on. There was one clip which I could hardly see at all!

The studio where the show is filmed, is exactly the same studio where Wheel Of fortune was being filmed. It’s a very small oblong room, right next to the control room for the news. We waited in the bowels of TVNZ for about half an hour, and to pass the time Jordan and myself gobbled down Fruit Bursts and I helped myself to the free juice. There was red/white wine on offer too.
I was impressed how the audience were treated so well!

Before we (Paul, Dad, Jordan + Me) went into the building that is TVNZ, we waited in the private TVNZ courtyard (access from Victoria St) and met up with Mark Sainsbury from Close up:
Mark from Close Up

So yeah. No, I didn’t win a TV, just in case you were wondering. Apart from me and the group being in the audience, there’s no point at all watching this show. Sorry to say, but there’s just no backbone to it. Things could possibly be different if there were no ads. Then it’s less easy to change channels.

Tomorrow it’s off to the house of the West family (OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE) and onto Rainbow’s End.

EDIT: The funniest bit (which I’m sure Dad, Paul and Jordan will agree with me on) was when a little Asian boy in our row let a loud one rip during filming. This caused a roar of laughter from our side and a slightly annoyed producer, along with a very embarrassed father. Still, it sucks that that moment wasn’t included in the show.

TelstraClear Visit

10 May

As you probably know (well you would if you read my other posts lol), I spent my first afternoon in Auckland at TelstraClear with Nicola & her crew. They have been working on new internet portal Clearnet, and from what I’ve seen, it’s defiantly something TVNZ, TV3 and Yahoo!Xtra should be worried about.

I got to have a look around, meet some people working on Clearnet, as well as chomp on Minties (the latest Telstra rage) and Jellybeans. Another cool thing I got to do was be let into the “secret” room, where the Clearnet TV studio is, two very powerful computers, a huge HD TV and Playstation 3’s, XBOX’s and games galore.

We got to watch ORIENTAL STREET MURDER on the TV (it was SO distorted because of the size of this thing) and they liked it! Nicola was grateful to finally see the finale, which has not been uploaded online. I gave them a DVD set and it has taken it’s place on shelf =D
We also did something else in regard to OSM – but that will be coming soon.

It was awesome to be there and It’s good to know that I’m welcome back anytime ๐Ÿ˜€

PS: If you’re reading Meredith, or anyone else who knows Jordan is up here, she says hi. She wants to go to the Coffee Club across the road (I have a membership – buy one hot drink get another free) so I’d better go. lol.