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28 Jun

So, I’m covering Film Studies in English at the moment, where we get to watch a film (Braveheart) and analyse it for techniques such as camera shots, music, special effects etc.
And all of that has come at a good time – because I am going to attend Film & Television School in just a few weeks, and I’ll also be joining a Video Skills course at WITT (Taranaki’s Polytechnic) on July 22.

That will be two qualifications under my belt, as well as knowledge from English – and it’s all good!



25 Jun

Haven’t blogged properly in a while….so yeah.
I’ll change the header hopefully tomorrow – it doesn’t look very good and was only supposed to be temporary. The date up there is my birthday, so yeah. lol

I’ve been busy at work with the sequel to Oriental Street Murder, and the storyline is coming along well. I’m not going to rush it as this has to be the best production I’ve made thus far! And I’m sure it will be with the use of Pinnacle from TelstraClear, and some new, real medical props which will be used (yes, we will be revisting Welbourn Hospital)
I also need to make it clear, that this sequel really is the final project to do with OSM. It’s to tie up the loose ends which were left in the series finale.

So far I’ve been really slack at my NCEA at school. But when I actually thought about how NCEA is a qualification, I got a bit more motovated to study harder. When you think about it, school is a waste of time if you don’t bother to gain the offered qualifications. It’s what 11 years of my school life have been building up to, and now it’s time to give it everything ya got. So that’s what I’ll do…

Umm what else…oh yeah, NPBHS is still sending me to South Seas Film & Television School in Auckland. Awesome, because it’s my first professional course! At 15! Wow my CV’s gonna look good, lol!

Slack post? Yeah, probably, tough. I’ll aim to post later on in the peace when I have more to talk about….


22 Jun

Dad pointed this out to me this afternoon and it’s fanastic.
It will cost you 20c on your mobile, but it’s worth it!

Go here:

2006 Weet-Bix Tryathalon

22 Jun

Just thought I’d add these for fun: photos of my team (Michael, Lachlan & Myself) in the 2006 New Plymouth Weet-Bix Tryathalon.

He Aoranga Kei roto te mahi

19 Jun

Translation: Learning though Action

So there I was, sitting in Physics trying to complete a circuit activity sheet when I was called out of class because of “something to do with STAR”.

A rundown on STAR: STAR programs are courses that cannot be offered by the school, such as hospitality, hairdressing, photography etc. Each course has a fee, but this is paid for by STAR funding. STAR courses take place on Wednesday afternoons, out of school, and they are only for Year 11,12 and 13 students. I have taken up “Introduction to Video” at WITT, starting next term.

So I went downstairs to the Transition Department, asked the transition receptionist (Note: This is NOT the school office or student services) about the note and was referred to the head of STAR at NPBHS – Mr Moore.
I thought I was about to be told that the video course I signed up with was cancelled, as there had been some debate over my course taking place on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.
This wasn’t the case. Mr Moore recieves on a daily basis, infomation about other courses taking place around the country, and found one that might interest me.
This is the exciting bit: the course is at South Seas Film & Television School!
The school is in Auckland. Website:

The course is $200, but STAR funding will pay for that, as well as flights and accommodation! I accepted straight away – how good would this look on my CV?! Plus what is offered in the course is real professional stuff, and this will just be mindblowing! God, I could be qualified to be a producer or whatever by the time I finish school at this rate!

My course would involve, and keep in mind that this is a basic rundown on it, filming & editing two videos, and filming/taking part in a magazine style TV show. The TV show is not real though – it’s an exercise. I would also gain badly-needed credits during my time at the school.

Oh, in case you are wondering what the title/translation is about, it’s the slogan for the school.

OSM Plot & Characters

14 Jun

The main cast member from ORIENTAL STREET MURDER, Meredith Regan has confirmed that she will be returning to portray their character Tracey McNutt in the film sequel.

Joining the cast will Andrea Jupp, who will play the part of a nurse and mother to Josh, who will be played by Kyle Wadsworth (myself). These new roles will be main cast.
Other characters will be announced later.

The film will take place months after Tracey was caught as the serial killer – and will reveal how the characters end up. What happened to Jane, after her best friend was discovered the murderer?
How is Tracey coping in Jail, and what happens to her?

It’s going to be the biggest, most exciting adventure yet and hopefully, the best installment ever!

Big thanks to all the people returning, especially to New Plymouth Boys’ High School, and TelstraClear’s CLEARNET for donating professional editing software.

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11 Jun

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“she strangles him dvd” takes the top prize LOL 😀