Day One…

15 Jul

Dad dropped me off at school, and yes I was only *slightly* late but the intro to the course hadn’t begun yet. I was really nervous, but when I think back to when I spent a week at South Pacific Pictures, I can recall being even more nervous.
During the day, we did a range of activities and courses, which not only taught us different techniques about film, but also gave us the ability to mix with everyone. The worst and most boring bit of the school is the break times. There’s nothing to do in the industrial area, and I think it might drive me to insanity if I have to spend another 90 minutes there. So I am going to try get Dad to pick me up at lunch, so I can actually have a proper lunch and maybe finish the OSM sequel script.

Speaking of OSM, the new graphics package for TUIKIWI Productions has been finished and looks amazing on the latest project, THE 16TH. It, along with the new branding will be premiered on Saturday night. Why re-brand? Well I haven’t gone silly and changed the name or logo, just the ID’s (animated logo clips) because the original ones in OSM were made with Movie Maker and were rushed.
Now, they are pro…

I’m looking forward to sleeping as we usually get up at 6am. Ugh! I am not a morning person!!

Day Two involves going out in teams of eight and doing some filming. This is worth credits too, but I’m not sure if it’s 2 or 3 credits on offer. Oh well, goodnight!


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