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More photos from SOH

30 Aug

I figured since Show Of Hands is out soon,  I may as well share some more photos.
I have previously uploaded some to here, but I have uploaded more over on Facebook.

Here’s a link to the album!


August Update

27 Aug

Well, we began filming on our hospital set (Provided by Clinical Skills) yesterday, which went well. Everyone seemed really impressed by the facilities, which are perfect!! We are very grateful for being able to use them.

I’ve been looking over the filming schedule. Filming is spread out over the next few months, so it doesn’t conflict with school, jobs etc. And from what I can gather at the moment, it’s looking like the film will be released either on 31st December 2008 or Feb ’09. I know it’s far away, but I do not want to rush this like I rushed the OSM finale.
It’s very important that everything is right. Plus, premiere night needs to be a suitable date (which does rule out NYE) and the DVD’s will also be avaliable on this night. They will be at a price of $25.

A trailer of the film will be released at the end of September!

P.S: Meredith will be answering your questions soon! She’s been busy 🙂


25 Aug

New Zealand feature Show of Hands has been invited to the Montreal Film Festival, which takes place August 21 to September 1.

Written and directed by Anthony McCarten, the film is inspired by a true story. Show of Hands is an off-beat love story starring Melanie Lynskey and Craig Hall. It is centered on a car yard in an everyday suburb, where an endurance competition with a difference is being staged. Show of Hands is Anthony’s second feature as director, and the screenplay is based on his novel of the same name.

Anthony will be in Montreal to introduce his film to audiences along with Melanie Lynskey and the film’s producer, Angela Littlejohn of Great Southern Films.

Anthony McCarten commented “The film was a passion project for all involved, we were often shooting more each day than some films shoot in three, and by the end you’re not quite sure what you have. Being officially selected for a festival like Montreal, consequently, is a great compliment and an endorsement that all the work might not have been in vain.”

Rialto Distribution will release Show of Hands in New Zealand. After viewing the film Rialto CEO, Kelly Rogers said that he “thought the film has was a touching love story, a film about everyday people, very engaging with instant appeal for a wide New Zealand audience” he added “the Montreal selection is a wonderful accolade for the film makers, our team is looking forward to contributing to the film’s local success”

Set in Taranaki, Anthony’s old hometown (and coincidentally also that of the lead actress, Melanie Lynskey) Show of Hands will be released nationwide on November 13 after a star studded premiere in New Plymouth this spring.

Show of Hands was financed by Venture Taranaki Trust, the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air and Television New Zealand. Executive Producer is Trevor Haysom of T.H.E Film.

TV ONE + TV2 Update

25 Aug

TV ONE and TV2 will continue to play on their temporary frequency configurations in the New Plymouth area for about another week.

TV ONE will continue to be broadcast on the TV2 frequency, as this is the most secure, while TV2 will be broadcast on the less secure TV ONE frequency.

TVNZ won’t change the channels back to their normal frequencies until it receives replacement parts from overseas for the damaged TV ONE transmitter on Mt Taranaki. That’s expected to be about a week away.

TVNZ is also working with the Department of Conservation to enable the equipment to be helicoptered to the site when it arrives in the country.

TVNZ thanks the people of the New Plymouth area for their patience.

Harry Potter prequel released Dec 08

24 Aug
Harry Potter prequel

Harry Potter prequel

Excitement was followed by disappointment for millions of children – and many booksellers – last year when J.K. Rowling revealed that although she had written a Harry Potter prequel, she would release only seven copies of it, auctioning one for charity and giving the others to friends who supported her through the 17 years that it took to complete the Harry Potter series.

She said yesterday: “There was understandable disappointment among Harry Potter fans when only one copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard was offered to the public last December.

“I am therefore delighted to announce that, thanks to the generous support of Bloomsbury – The Tales of Beedle the Bard will now be widely available to all Harry Potter fans.”
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Who does the Hula from Hawaii?

24 Aug

You probably heard about the girl who was named “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”. At my Video WITT course, everyone had to be recorded saying the same phraise. I suggested the girls name, and it stuck.

10,000 VISITORS!

24 Aug

Kyle’s Blog has passed the 10,000 mark within the last few days! 😀
The highest stats were in the months ORIENTAL STREET MURDER episodes were released, and when a sequel was announced, going over 1000-a-month.