ONE on 2 and TV2 on 1

22 Aug

TV ONE will continue to be played on the TV2 frequency in the New Plymouth area until at least Monday, after the Olympics have concluded.

The TV ONE signal went down on Wednesday evening after moisture from recent bad weather damaged the transmitter on Mt Taranaki. Since Thursday the TV ONE signal into New Plymouth has been played out on the TV2 frequency because of the high interest in the Olympics and TV2 has been off air to accommodate this.

Technicians are still working at the transmission site and are hoping to provide a temporary solution to get TV2 back on air.

If they are successful, it will mean that until at least Monday TV2 will be played out on the unstable TV ONE transmitter and TV ONE will remain on the stable TV2 transmitter because TVNZ doesnt want to risk the Olympics going down again. So, if youre a viewer in New Plymouth TV ONE will be on channel 2 on the remote and TV2 on channel 1.

TVNZ is pleased to advise that a temporary fix was made to the Mt Taranaki transmission site so that TV2 could resume broadcasting to the New Plymouth area at 5pm on Friday.

TV ONE will continue to be broadcast on the TV 2 frequency, as this is the most secure, until at least the conclusion of the Olympics while TV 2 will be broadcast on the less secure TV ONE frequency. TVNZ has configured it this way because of the overwhelming popularity of the games – we’d hate to lose TV ONE again.

That means viewers in New Plymouth will temporarily get TV ONE on channel 2 on their remotes and TV 2 on channel 1.

The transmission situation and how long it will take to get a permanent fix will be reassessed by TVNZ on Monday.

TVNZ is grateful to the people of New Plymouth for their patience.


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