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WOMAD 2009 Details

29 Sep

Over three-days, 400 artists from 20 different countries perform on six stages. The essence of this festival – New Zealand’s pre-eminent world music, arts, and dance festival – is the discovery and enjoyment of music from around the globe.

Set in the stunning 52 hectare park and garden – the TSB Bowl and Brooklands Park, New Plymouth, this venue has gained a reputation as one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in the world.

At the heart of the festival is The Global Village. Made up of more than 80 stalls trading a vast range of international foods, beverages, arts and crafts.

Workshops with performers are very popular and the Kidszone brings out the creativity in all children. WOMAD is known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

This annual event has a capacity of 11,500 people per day so there is ample space to accommodate everyone within the 52-hectare park.

For the first time, the 2009 event will feature a Sustainable Village and new chill out areas.

Camping and marae style accommodation is available on-site and the city offers a wide variety of accommodation – from low cost to high cost.

This festival is three-days of vibrant and dynamic enjoyment, discovery and journey.

2009 Programe launch 29 October 2008.
Tickets will be avaiable from Ticketek 30 October.

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Ticket Price
Adult 3-day $209.00
Adult 3-day + camping $259.00
Adult 3 day + marae style accommodation $279.00
Friday night $77.00
Saturday and night $120.00
Sunday and night $95.00
Sunday night only $60.00

Special Edition: Motivator

28 Sep

The below is a very special ORIENTAL STREET MURDER special edition Motivational poster!
Enjoy 😀

It's McNutt

Saving the daylight..

28 Sep

It’s daylight savings!! Best time of the year!
I don’t know a single kiwi who doesn’t appricate the extra daylight at night.

Last night, I discovered the chinese couple I work for hate it. And that annoyed me. They called it “stupid”. This is where I thought, tough if you don’t like it, this is New Zealand and kiwis do like it!

One of them begain a discussion how we don’t need to save energy (apparently what daylight savings is for) because NZ is a small country. But I didn’t care, as far as I’m concerned, daylight savings is all about BBQ’s, going to the beach after tea, going to hang out somewhere with mates or whatever.

TRACEY’S BACK: Billboard #01

27 Sep

The first of a few billboards advertising the film “TRACEY’S BACK” have been spotted!
Here’s a photo of it below:

Billboard 1


25 Sep

…an iPod Nano!!!
I’ve never had an iPod before, so it’s kind of exciting because they have such a good rep. I’ve had cheap MP3 players before, but none of them have been as sleek and easy to use as the iPod.
Up until I brought it, I had been using my Pocket PC for music & videos. But because it’s been damaged and it really is getting old, I decided I needed something else for playing my media “on the move”.

Last week, the new iPods were released, and I’ve been eyeing them up since. They have sensors which “sense” when you tilt the player on it’s side, flipping the screen and letting you view the covers of the songs in your iPod. Videos and photos can be viewed on the side (depending which way you flip the iPod) and some games too.

Speaking of games, there’s one called Maze which is clever. You tilt the iPod to move a ball around a maze, and it can get addictive after a while.

I’ve showed it to a few people and they all seemed impressed by it!
Including me. It’s a awesome, thin, strong little device which I haven’t regretted buying at all 😀

Quote Platter

24 Sep

I am currently writing up two brand new pages for Kyle’s Blog.

Page A: will consist of the best quotes delivered by a particular teacher at NPBHS.
Page B: will consist of the best zany quotes from Leon Chiu.

Should be up Saturday.

Outrageous Fortune – Repeat Offenders

18 Sep
Outrageous Soundtrack 2!

South Pacific Pictures and Warner Music proudly present a second soundtrack to the multi-award winning series!
Featuring one less track than the first album, it’s still packed with kiwi-only music used in the show.

Song listing:

1. Shihad – Home Again
2. The Roulettes – You Want It
3. Splitter – I Don’t Rate Your Man
4. Shaft – Dinah
5. Hello Sailor – Blue Lady
6. Kora – Time
7. The Rock and Roll Machine – Want U Bad
8. The Tutts – K
9. Cut Off Your Hands – Oh Girl
10. The Black Seeds – Sometimes Enough
11. dDub – Hesitate No
12. Dimmer – One Breath At A Time
13. Dead Flowers – Might As Well Get Used To It
14. The Veils – Under The Folding Branches
15. The Brunettes – End Of The Runway
16. Fur Patrol – Long Distance Runner
17. Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P – Llwellyn
18. Goodshirt – Dumb Day
19. Atlas – Firefly
20. Graham Brazier – East Of Eden

The sountrack album is released Monday 6th October 2008.