10 Sep

These are huge spoliers regarding tonight and tomorrow’s episodes of SHORTLAND STREET, and the fate of Justine Jones.
They are recaps of the episodes.
Click the link below to read!

Thursday September 11

Tania fears that Yvonne’s impending return from her cruise could spell trouble for her and Kingi. Maia and Libby break the news about Tania to Yvonne when they pick her up, and an alarmed Yvonne challenges Tania about her relationship with a gang member.

Tania defends Kingi, and when Yvonne meets him, a charming, thoughtful and educated Kingi confounds Yvonne’s expectations. She can’t help warming to him on a personal level, but later Yvonne is shocked when she meets victims of Kingi’s gang’s violence.

Alice puts on a brave face for Kip and tries to be hopeful about the likelihood of her mother coming to visit. Later, a concerned Maia reports to Yvonne that Fran has let Alice down, so Yvonne visits Alice again to pledge her support in Fran’s absence.

Alice is very grateful for Yvonne’s support, but is surprised and relieved when a loving and supportive Fran turns up. But her relief is short-lived when Fran, confronted by Kelly’s vulnerability, has a diatribe of woe about Kelly’s tough start and the death of Craig. Alice has to remind her she is here to support her, not depress her.

Chastened, Fran turns her mood around unearths a music box from Alice’s childhood which she wants Kelly to have. Alice is touched by the gesture, but is left little unsettled by Fran’s seeming instability.

Confronted with the bomb, Justine’s first instinct is to dial 111. However, she pauses and considers her options when she realises the bomb is designed to be triggered by a cell phone call. Deciding that the only way to keep her family safe is to let the bombers think they have succeeded, Justine takes control of the bomb by swapping SIM cards.

Meanwhile, Sophie wonders where her mother is and decides to call her. As Justine’s car leaves her driveway and passes Don Lennox’s parked vehicle, he waits until she is around the bend and dials the number of the detonator phone. At first nothing happens, but after a couple more tries, Justine’s car explodes.

Robyn Gardner informs Callum of Justine’s death by car bomb, and a devastated Callum breaks the news to Hunter and Sophie. However, the family’s shock and grief is interrupted by an unexpected message.

Callum takes his children to a meeting place, where Justine reveals to her shocked family that she is still alive. Justine asks for police support for her plan to stay dead, and gets it.

Justine farewells her family in secret, and boards a freighter bound for Australia where she will go into hiding until she returns to testify in court against Scott-Spear.

Friday September 12

Callum arrives back at work, and is awkwardly forced to maintain the pretence of Justine’s death. When Chris puts aside his rivalry with Callum to offer his personal condolences, Callum realises how hard it will be to endure peoples’ undeserved sympathy.

Similarly, Hunter arrives at work and is taken off-guard by Kieran’s expectation that he be in mourning. Chris is outraged that Scott-Spear have killed another friend and colleague, and he vows to Sarah that he will do everything he can to bring them to justice.

But Sarah now fears for her own life, and warns Chris that anyone who has come close to exposing Scott-Spear has ended up dead.

Back at the I.V, Gerald’s heart goes out to Hunter when he sees Hunter being jovial with a customer, and assumes Hunter is in deep denial. Morgan is concerned when Gerald updates her on Hunter’s strange mood.

Arriving home, Hunter’s relief about being out of the public eye is short-lived when Morgan arrives, and he has to fake grief. Morgan consoles Hunter, and in a moment of upset about Justine’s absence, Hunter kisses Morgan.

Brooke is concerned for a grief-weary Chris, and offers to cook dinner for him at his home. He is grateful for the company. Ethan overhears Brooke’s offer, and is quietly jealous.

Tracey warns Kip that Brooke is in some kind of weird and secret relationship with Ethan. Kip is troubled, but his concern is eclipsed by Sarah’s announcement that Justine is dead.

Before Kip and Tracey can ask further questions, she orders them to focus on their new patient – a woman called Jacqui whose face has been disfigured by Botox.

Jacqui reveals that the doctor who wrecked her face is Brooke Freeman. Kip is surprised to confirm this with Brooke, who is privately distressed at her alleged incompetence.
She insists on seeing Jacqui immediately.

Brooke feels terrible when a guilty Jacqui worries about being caught-out and rejects her assistance. Ethan is determined to help when Brooke frets about losing her job.

Kip is impressed when Ethan unearths Jacqui’s secret – she’s been double-dosing on Botox. Brooke is grateful, but Ethan forces her to cancel her date with Chris as payment.

Maia deliberately assigns Tania to the Whitetail’s assault victim, Mrs Norton, hoping to confront Tania with the violent truth about her boyfriend.

Although Tania defends Kingi, she is left privately shaken. Determined to help Tania, the Jeffries women give Kingi an ultimatum – give up the gang, or give up Tania.

Tania is furious when Kingi breaks up with her – thanks to her family. The Jeffries women feel they’ve helped Tania, despite her angry outburst over their meddling in her relationship.


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