Labour V.S National

13 Oct

None of National’s plans below sound very good at all. So why vote for them?
Not liking Helen Clark IS NOT AN EXCUSE.
Chances are if National gets in, you’ll dislike John Key with a passion.

On Tax Cuts

Maximum tax cuts for the wealthy. Minimum or negative benefit to modest and low income earners.

National’s tax policy means those on modest or low incomes, who are trying to save for their future, will be worse off.  Those on high incomes will get large tax cuts.

Affordable tax cuts over next four years.

On Kiwibank

Privatise Kiwibank
Kiwibank will be sold ‘eventually’.

Keep Kiwibank in public ownership
KiwiBank will remain in public ownership.

On Student Loans

Flip flopping on interest free loans
On changes to make student loans interest free John Key said “National was opposing this legislation with every bone in our bodies” – before changing his mind.

Continue supporting students
Labour will continue our efforts to make tertiary education more affordable for students and their families.

On Working for Families

Voted against Working for Families
John Key called Working for Families “communism by stealth”. National has attacked every major Labour policy aimed at making life better for New Zealanders.


Supporting working families
Labour is committed to supporting low and middle income families with packages such as Working for Families and paid parental leave.

On Health

No guarantee on cheaper doctor visits
National does not guarantee the future of cheaper doctors visits and cheaper prescriptions. Moreover National plans to promote private health care at the expense of our public health system.

Low cost healthcare
Labour will keep primary healthcare subsidies universal, so that everyone is able to get cheaper doctors visits and cheaper prescription medicines.

On 90 day worker probation

No protection – fire at will
National’s policy allows workers to be fired at will after 90 days. No protection.

Fairness for new workers
Labour’s policy allows for trial period for new workers, but must be done within laws that protect workers.

On Transport

Toll roads
National will not commit to continuing investment in public transport or promoting transport alternatives. Plans to have $50 toll roads were announced by their Transport spokesperson.

Affordable Transport
Labour is committed to developing a transport system that is safe, affordable and responsive to the needs of the people who use it. Action to date includes building more roads, boosting public transport and buying back KiwiRail.


Privatising ACC
Will begin privatisation of ACC by allowing private insurance companies to compete for business.

Keeping ACC
ACC remains in public ownership. No fault, 24 hour system.

Source: Labour ’08 Website.
You can find more comparisons by clicking the above link.


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