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Five Days Left

26 Nov

That’s right.
There are just five, single days left until Tracey’s Back wraps up filming. Time’s gone so fast since June, when the sequel film was born!

I have to say, more than triple the hours have gone into this. The script has been rewritten and changed over 200 times, and maybe even more. It’s crazy. Characters and storylines have been created then dropped again. The final script (which of course, is always being changed) is very, very different to the script (and plot) we had way back in July.

So with just days left, what are we doing?
We are shooting the final scenes of the film, and today production started on the Tracey’s Back Documentary (working title). It will have interviews with the cast and crew, behind the scenes stuff, bloopers and all sorts of cool things. It’ll be a DVD thing (so no online viewing sorry!), and will be shown at the premiere. And speaking of, the date has been changed from 14 Feb to 31 Jan.

I will point out, that the final five days are not in a row. The dates for the days are: Thursday 27 Nov, Friday 28 Nov, Saturday 29 Nov, Monday 1 Dec, Tuesday 23 Dec.
Editing will resume (yes, about 1/4 of the film is roughly finished) on Saturday (29 Nov) night.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about the next TuiKiwi production. And all I’ll reveal about that, is that it will probably be in conjuction with the NPBHS Physics department.


Bullying inquiry to begin

26 Nov


An independent inquiry into bullying allegations at New Plymouth Boys’ High School will begin immediately.

Education consultant Lex Hamill is to meet the school’s board tonight to discuss a recent incident that left a Year 12 boarder with two black eyes, stitches, bruises and a painful jaw.

The inquiry will concentrate on the individual incident, but Mr Hamill and colleague Wayne Gribble are keen to hear from anyone who has experienced bullying at the school. They will be in New Plymouth for the rest of the week.

Mr Hamill said people with bullying complaints should ring and register their interest with New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

They would then make contact with those affected.

“We are going to look at the initial incident but if other matters arise we will deal with those,” he said.

“Other facts will not be ignored.”
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Future Shorty St Lines

26 Nov

See if you can guess who says what!
These lines are from upcoming episodes.

  1. Your friend here punched me in the face then tried to strangle me.
  2. You’ve used and abused your position. The least of it that you sucked me in.
  3. Sometimes when Dad isn’t here Brooke locks me in my room. And tries to feed me poison. I think she’s probably a witch, don’t you?
  4. You know what they say. There’s a thin line between pleasure and pain.
  5. It’s not only completely abhorrent and insane – it’s illegal!
  6. You know, I think you’d get on with my redneck family after all.
  7. You are bad. You need to be punished.
  8. We’ll see how that Zen calm of yours fares when you come under fire though. When the unexpected happens.
  9. I sing like someone gargling broken glass.
  10. I don’t want to live without you. I love you.

looking worse for Boys’ High

25 Nov

Despite the attempt to defend the school (it was a good article too), things are looking even worse for New Plymouth Boys’ High with the whole front page of the Taranaki Daily News being dedicated to the school.
As well as the defence story, a bigger story was published; More allegations of `culture of bullying’ is the latest story about abuse and it gets worse.
With Campbell Live now picking up the story, this has seriously damaged the reputation on NPBHS. And it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

A few good/bad snippits from the article:

An independent inquiry is to be carried out into allegations of a culture of bullying at New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

A group of senior boarders and day students came to the school’s defence yesterday, against their teachers’ advice, admitting there was bullying at the school but saying it was no different to any other school in New Zealand. See: Students speak out for school.

Yesterday a former NPBHS teacher who has shifted schools came forward to support students’ claims that the abuse was widespread.
“During my time at the school a senior student reported to me that as a boarding student he had been raped with a bottle,” he said.

Yesterday a former student spoke about the effects the abuse had on him as a 13-year-old boarder in 2006.
He reported the abuse to staff who told him things would be dealt with – but they weren’t.

His mother said she feared her son could take his own life.
“I’m terrified that I won’t have a child at 21, I’m terrified that I won’t have a child at 16,” she said.

More allegations of `culture of bullying’

25 Nov


An independent inquiry is to be carried out into allegations of a culture of bullying at New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

Last night NPBHS board of trustees chairman Jamie Sutherland said the board, after a full meeting, had requested that the New Zealand School Trustees Association appoint an independent inquiry team to look into the allegations of bullying at the school.

“The board and the school will co-operate fully with the inquiry, which will be given the widest possible brief, with a request to report back as soon as possible,” Mr Sutherland said.

The board and the school wanted to provide the best possible educational opportunities in a safe and appropriate environment.

“We will take all steps possible to ensure that environment is created and maintained,” he said.

Mr Sutherland said the board was shocked by the allegations and did not believe that there was systemic bullying at the school.

Police are investigating an alleged assault at the school last week that left a year 12 student with two black eyes, a cut to his head that required stitches and swollen face.

The announcement of the inquiry comes as a former teacher, and parents and more students of the school, continued to claim bullying was rampant at the school.
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Students speak out for school

25 Nov
November 25, 2008
Taranaki Daily News

Senior students have come out in support of New Plymouth Boys’ High after allegations of bullying and assaults at the school’s hostel.

The five, a mix of boarders and day students, who asked not to be named, have spoken out in defence of their school.

While teachers had advised them not to talk to the Taranaki Daily News, they said they were intent on putting the record straight.

Boys’ High should not be singled out as rough play and bullying was common in all schools throughout New Zealand – and their school was no different, they said.

They fear that the recent stories in the media risked giving their school, which they believe is one of the best in the country, a bad name.

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Looking bad for Boys’ High

24 Nov

I’ve posted the two stories that ran in the Taranaki Daily News/NZ Herald on Saturday and today.
And it is set to really ruin the reputation of the school and hostel.
This morning’s article “reveals” ongoing “violence” in the hostel, and claims that staff turn a blind eye.
Total rubbish.

Staff take bullying very, very seriously. It is not taken lightly at the school. The article gives the impression that the school is a violent place, when it doesn’t even come near it. The other two major high schools in New Plymouth, Spotswood College and New Plymouth Girls’ High, have security guards. Boys’ High does not.
Spotswood College has repeditive assults and bullying is a common factor there, they even have security camera operating! Boys’ High does not.

The first article stated:

She [mother of victim] said another son, aged 14, had also been subjected to physical attacks.
‘He has a permanent scar on his thigh after his leg was held against a heater.’
She admits there could have been fault on both sides, but could not think what her son could have done to deserve the beating.

I can think of a few things. Maybe it might be the fact that this boy happened to be one of the most-feared bullies in the hostel. Or maybe it might be because this boy flipped other students beds, or other unmentionable things. Knowing that, I can see why he got dealt to!

Some hostel boys contacted the Taranaki Daily News claiming that bullying is an ongoing thing. Of course it is, it happens everywhere. They also claimed that teachers don’t care – but how can they care when the aledged ‘assults’ are never reported to staff?

Some of the bullying was not reported, but what is has not been dealt with seriously, they claim.

It’s hard to deal with bullying days after it is reported, much harder!
I won’t address all points of the articles, but i will address one more. Read the below quote:

Sat: NPBHS acting principal Bruce Bayly and chairman of the board of trustees Jamie Sutherland refused to comment yesterday.

Mon:NPBHS acting principal Bruce Bayly was not home when the Taranaki Daily News rang yesterday.

Board of trustees chairman Jamie Sutherland would not comment when the Taranaki Daily News visited his home.

Senior hostel master Geoff Hall would not comment when telephoned.

I firmly believe that by not commenting on this issue, it makes it sound so much worse and as if they are covering up something. That actually makes it look much worse!

Keey an eye out for an article in ‘defence’ in tomorrow’s paper. Hopefully it will be enough to repair a small part of the huge reputation that the school holds in this community.

Oh, the reporter of the article has also informed me that Campbell Live is going to be doing a story on the issue – and I am aware that students are currently working with TV3 to “numb” down the issue so NPBHS’s rep isn’t seriously tarnished further.