Five Days Left

26 Nov

That’s right.
There are just five, single days left until Tracey’s Back wraps up filming. Time’s gone so fast since June, when the sequel film was born!

I have to say, more than triple the hours have gone into this. The script has been rewritten and changed over 200 times, and maybe even more. It’s crazy. Characters and storylines have been created then dropped again. The final script (which of course, is always being changed) is very, very different to the script (and plot) we had way back in July.

So with just days left, what are we doing?
We are shooting the final scenes of the film, and today production started on the Tracey’s Back Documentary (working title). It will have interviews with the cast and crew, behind the scenes stuff, bloopers and all sorts of cool things. It’ll be a DVD thing (so no online viewing sorry!), and will be shown at the premiere. And speaking of, the date has been changed from 14 Feb to 31 Jan.

I will point out, that the final five days are not in a row. The dates for the days are: Thursday 27 Nov, Friday 28 Nov, Saturday 29 Nov, Monday 1 Dec, Tuesday 23 Dec.
Editing will resume (yes, about 1/4 of the film is roughly finished) on Saturday (29 Nov) night.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about the next TuiKiwi production. And all I’ll reveal about that, is that it will probably be in conjuction with the NPBHS Physics department.


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