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The new “movie” maker by Microsoft

31 Dec
Dont let its dormant state fool you; it can do amazing things.

Don't let it's dormant state fool you; it can do amazing things.

Windows Movie Maker really is an amazing tool. It can do incredible things, and is what I used to edit ORIENTAL STREET MURDER and a small part of TRACEY’S BACK. It’s timeline, cropping/slicing tools, overlays, effects and the abudance of features it packs in have been extremly useful and I really have made good use of the program. And I don’t care if it’s not what “professionals” use, it does what I want it to do and is easy.

My favorite editing feature  is one that my professional software doesn’t do; splits videos into clips based on single runs of the camera.
Eg: We are importing the footage from the camera. It saves as one big long movie file, but WMM can spit this up into scenes.
Camera recording, Tracey McNutt steals a police car. Camera stops recording. Clip One.

Camera recording, Tracey McNutt eats a rabbit. Camera stops recording. Clip Two.

Microsoft have abandonded Windows Movie Maker (From Vista), and are currently working on it’s replacement.
Ahem, let me introduce (reluctantly), Windows Live Movie Maker.

It lacks essential movie-making tools.

This couldn't direct piss into a bucket; it lacks essental movie-editing tools.

Windows Live Movie Maker is Windows Movie Maker for dummies.
What the hell are you going to do without a timeline? And you can’t edit audio, so no muting/music for your movies. Footage from the camera will have to be used as-is, seeing as you cannot edit your clips or even crop the end off. And when Sally’s birthday rolls around, you can’t put “Sally’s 7th birthday!” on the clip because it doesn’t have a ability to add the text.

I have a feeling that if I had been born later and developed my video interests around the time that Windows Live Movie Maker had become standard on computers, I never would have taken things further. There is absoultly no way I could have worked with this program, and I can’t see how it will encourage other aspiring producers.
Google it to see how people are reacting to the change. No one really seems to be happy about it, and I don’t blame them!!

P.S: Calling this Windows Live “Movie Maker” is really misleading. This doesn’t make movies at all. It’s a portal between camera and video-footage file.



30 Dec

This is the place where I can actually write what I’m thinking and post what I’m doing. It’s my presence on the internet so it is important. But I’ve been so slack at using it recently because most of my time has been put into the film and organising the premiere.
Soon I’ll add my CV here I think….hmmmm. We’ll see.

Christmas came and went. It was simple, everyone was happy and had a relatively good day. I don’t think it rained so that was good. Going out for dinner was a highlight and I made the most of it 😉

Tomorrow is our big NYE party – so i’m looking forward to that. What i’m not looking forward to is work tonight and tomorrow. Ugh. Good thing I’m taking a break soon.

So this was a slack post, but it was a post all the same!
As the Sims say,

My Christmas House

25 Dec
Christmas Lights in 2007

Christmas Lights in 2007

So, this is what my house looks like during the Christmas period.
Dad, for the last 11 or so years, has lit up our house (and more recently, the next-door neighbour’s front year) every Christmas and has won the competition.
I won’t post the address (of course) online, but if you’re a mate or you live in New Plymouth, you should know where it is.
I’ll probably upload more images later on, but who knows.

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Hope you have a great day!
I think my most interesting gift from this morning is chocolate-coated potato chips! Quite bizzare, but the packets of the now extinct-Sparkles I got from Santa go well with them!
Have a great day.

The focus…

24 Dec

Personal Reminder:
Time is really running out on this film, and it’s SO important I have the basic draft of it competed by Sunday.
Then I’ll start on the documentary. And the draft of that must be done before the 2nd of Janurary.
So I’m going to be REALLY busy over the next month…

Christmas! haha

23 Dec

Well we are less than 48 hours away from Christmas Day 2008.

I went to do some shopping the other day,
and came across a lego set. It was $80 and it provided all the bits and instructions to build a petrol station, with a car wash, shop, fridge, little bottles of soda, petrol pumps, windows etc. It also came with parts to make a motorcycle and car.
The back of the box was badly crinkled/ripped, so I opened it more to check if all the bags of parts and instructions were in there. They were, so I brought it to the Customer Service desk, where they decided to sell it to me for only $30!  Bargain!
So I brought it and assembled it with Sheree. We’ve had heaps of fun playing and building it!
There’s a picture below:

I’ve just got a little more shopping to do, and then I’m done. I’m actually out of money, so it looks like I’ll be visiting the $2 Shop! haha. They have good quality stuff there these days so chances are no one will notice they had cheepies haha.

Speaking of presents, Dad got the family a huge new HD Plasma TV, with MySKY HDi! It’s awesome, but has taken time getting used to! There’s one problem, and that’s the fact that my films look crappy on such a big screen. We’re going to need a new camera….

Soon i’ll have to upload a photo of dad’s christmas lights display!

Anyway, have a great christmas and new year. And thanks to the 55+ vistors who have been frequent visiters to my blog!