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Bullying culture revealed at Taranaki school

31 Jan
Saturday, January 31, 2009
NZ Herald
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A culture of bullying has been found among boarding hostel students at New Plymouth Boys’ High School with the finger of blame being pointed at a former principal.

A report released this week found a “learned behaviour of bullying” existed in the school’s boarding hostel, the Taranaki Daily News said today.

“Serious breaches of behaviour should be dealt with by the principal. The investigators found no evidence of this happening,” it said.

Lyal French-Wright, who was principal at the 1300-student school for 13 years before taking an overseas posting to a school in Qatar last year, could not be reached for comment last night.

The school’s board of trustees commissioned the independent investigation last November after the paper reported an incident where a senior boarder was allegedly badly beaten by three other students.

The incident sparked public outcry with the paper receiving dozens of letters, phone calls and emails both condemning and supporting the 126-year-old school.

The school’s board of trustees last night disputed some of the report’s findings and said incidents in the boarding house were dealt with by the principal seriously and appropriately.

“That’s wrong, what they’ve said about the hostel,” chairman Jamie Sutherland told the paper.

“When there is a serious instance of bullying within the hostel the head master is informed and participates in the decision making process and the discipline process.

“The investigators didn’t really investigate that side of it enough.”

In light of the findings, the school has pledged change and will establish a committee consisting of staff, board members and students to “address concerns identified” and report to the school monthly.


What did I tell ya?

28 Jan

2009 is my year.
I think it was Suzanne Paul that told me “Reach for the stars and you’ll hit the moon!” So I live by that.
In the last six or so hours, I’ve been offered a select audition for a television commerical and work expierence with TelstraClear,  which includes travel to Wellington to attend and film for at Armageddon.

But because the auditon is tomorrow and Friday, there isn’t time/money to attend the audition and premiere.
A bit of a pickle there, so I turned it down. However I have noticed that my profile has been getting more and more hits and I’m being offered more and more auditons. So this will be a fantastic year in terms with the agent!!
Of course I will be looking forward to working at TelstraClear. I’ve been there many times and know the staff at Clearnet, and it’ll just be awesome!

But I am going to annouce here that I have resigned from California Takeaways. I am entering my fourth year and believe it’s time to do something different. I am looking forward to my final night’s work this upcoming Friday.

“Where Else But 2”

26 Jan

TV2 launched this clever promo last night, featuring a much-better soundtrack – “It’s Just The Way I’m Feeling”.
I am really impressed with the ad and I’m really happy to see that the “Aire Of Good Feeling” song and ID’s have vanished from TV2.

There’s something missing & I know it

26 Jan

I’ll jump right into this one. I think the main element which is missing from my productions is character depth. In OSM, you don’t really get the chance to know the characters enough to be able to emotionally connect to them. Sure, you may feel shocked at Tracey’s doings, and/or maybe even on the edge of your seat wondering if Tracey is going to be caught during those suspense-scenes. But there is no chance to actually feel sorry for the victims, nor Tracey for her behaviour.

In Tracey’s Back, it’s an element that is  improved on. You get to meet the main characters separately in the first ten minutes before they all tie in together as dramatic events unfold. Tracey opens up a bit more too. But in thinking about it, it’s still something that needs to be improved and something I’ll have to work harder on when the next production rolls around.

There needs to be that chance to really get to know the characters before their “weaknesses” are exposed, so you can feel emotion for them. And that’s the effect that I am now after, and one that I’ll certainly be working towards next time.

Friday 23rd Jan, 2009

23 Jan

I know. I’ve resorted to using plain titles  – what has the world come to?!
Okay so I went to the dentist the other day. They did the general checkup, consiting of X-Ray, picking at the teeth with hooks, sticking mirrors down your face, sucking saliva out with a little suction hose and trying to dislodge each tooth to find an excuse to rip it out or drill it until satisfied. Wahoo, what fun. Lucikily I was given the all clear and had a really nice dentist, she was cool so that was good. Better than last time anyway.

Jumping to today, I printed 62 DVD discs today. That means there are now labels printed onto the discs, like professional DVDs. As of now, 11 discs have had the content burned onto them and are ready to be packaged. The next phase involves preparing the covers, and then restarting the whole process to produce a very limited edition run
of single-DVD sets of ORIENTAL STREET MURDER. But wait;  it’s in widescreen this time.

So that will be on sale with the deluxe-edition OSM sets and Tracey’s Back DVD set. 

ORIENTAL STREET MURDER (Deluxe 5-disc set) $25
ORIENTAL STREET MURDER* (Widescreen 1-disc set) $20
TRACEY’S BACK* (2-disc set) $20.
*These DVD’s are copy-protected.

Work was good tonight too. I saw Amy again! Amy is someone who I worked with in the film Show OF Hands. There’s a photo somewhere, I just can’t be bothered finding it right now. She’s super-keen to be involved with my films after seeing the article in the newspaper and actually, would have been a suitable replacement for Lauriel, had Megen not been able to do it. Lauriel is a character in Tracey’s Back which had to be recast at the last hour – literally.
So it’s cool we can have a fresh face! But who knows what is next? I’d love to continue making stuff, it really depends on how hetic school will be this year.

Anyway, I have to go and reply to some emails.


Who am I?

23 Jan

I am the beginning of eternity,
The end of every rhyme,
The beginning of the end,
and the end of space and time.

DVD Dealings

22 Jan

I’ve been dealing with a professional DVD company for the supply of DVD cases for Tracey’s Back. It’s costly, but that’s fine. I used them last time for ORIENTAL STREET MURDER.
So anyway, this time round their service has been slack. The cases should have been sent out and us charged three days ago, but it seems like they aren’t really trying to make this transaction as swift as possible. I’m still waiting for a reply from yesterday’s email and this is ridiculous.

That aisde, the master DVD’s are in production right now. All should be ready for the premiere!