Auckland and more

6 Jan

I will be returning to Auckland next weekend, and hopefully catch up with Paul Ellis (if he’s in Auckland at the time), Suzanne Paul and I also hope to visit TelstraClear if they aren’t too busy!

Seen the Tracey’s Back trailer yet? It’s rough but it’s a preview all the same. That’s my favorite scene (in the preview); I think Meredith’s acting is amazing in that scene. No one else could have played the role of Tracey McNutt. Meredith really is perfect for the role.
So the film premieres on the 31st of this month, which is exciting! I’m in overdrive though getting ready for it. Not only do I have to assemble the film and documentary, I have to have the DVD sets avaliable in time for the night. Phew. And I can’t wait to release it online and see your reactions!!!

School’s back in soon and I’m sorta looking forward to it. Gateway will be really exciting and I’ll FINALLY get to study Film/TV! ALL YEAR! It’ll be amazing.
Will it be my last year? Who knows…..

I’d better get back to “renovating” my room. I’ve been graudally tidying bits up (wardrobe, desk, shelves) and throwing out alot of crap. Ooh and speaking of, I hear that the house is going to be painted soon! It’ll be interesting to see what colour.

P.S: i just got asked by TelstraClear if I was at school this year, because..”our production/editing/filming guy dan was thinking about getting an intern and was impressed with your stuff…”
Cool! The answer is yes; I’ll be at school. But I’ll continue to make my visits to TelstraClear over 2009 and maintain our friendship =]


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