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The Cat who looked at a King

28 Feb

Julie Andrews returned to the role of Mary Poppins, 40 years after the film was released to theatres!

Called “The Cat who looked at a King”, the 9-minute animated/live action short opens with two children and Mary in the same park where Burt drew his chalk drawings on the pavement. The set was recreated right down to the last detail, off the plans from the original set.
The short is partly based on the book “Mary Poppins Opens the Door”.

Watch the short below:


SOH: Pulled from TV ONE

26 Feb

Hands up at TV One who scheduled the second Signature Films drama, Show of Hands, ahead of its release on retail DVD.

The network had to abruptly pull Anthony McCarten’s second feature as director from the 8 March Sunday Theatre slot after the DVD’s distributor, Vendetta Films, was alerted to the programming.
Under the terms of Rialto Distribution’s contract with the NZFC, which funded the Signature Films scheme with TVNZ, Show of Hands has a free-to-air TV holdback from the release of the DVD.
TVNZ airing it on March 8 would have breached the contract, given the movie was only this week released to rental stores and doesn’t go on sale until April.
Media were advised yesterday of the programming change yesterday but it was too late for the latest issue of consumer listings bible, The TV Guide.
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Upcoming Events

24 Feb

I couldn’t think of anything else to write apart from what I’m going to be up to over the next few months!

This weekend Americana hits town again, so that’ll be a cool event to hang out at. There’s American stuff popping up all over town!
Next week (6-9 March)
I will be heading to Palmy North for a break and to hang out with some family friends. It’ll be a good break away and I’m looking forward to having a holiday away from family =]
The week after (13-15 March) is WOMAD. Now I won’t have any spare cash to spend this time round, it should be a good time regardless….some people I know that are going: Matt, Sheryl, Meredith, Kate, Dad, Mike.
The last week of March (28+ March I think) is when I will be going up north with my Biology class. We’re going up past Auckland, but I don’t know a huge amount of information about the trip.
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NPBHS Taranakians

24 Feb

We’re cleaning out the library cupboard and have discovered hundreds of old NPBHS Taranakians, with some dating back to 1913.
If you attended NPBHS and would like one, please get in contact by tomorrow midday and let me know what year(s) you would like. The school does not need them as they already have a full set of each year, and these are spares which really have no home to go to.


The Winner

23 Feb

Today I won in two things.

  1. My house, SYME won the NPBHS Swimming Sports, with the boarders (who usually win everything) coming last. So that was good!
  2. The silly Section 92A copyright+internet law was delayed, and will be reviewed in March. It was due to come into effect in three days.

So it’s been a winning day, you could say. I’ve refreshed the blog and hope to have a new header up by tomorrow night.
Now, right now I’m watching the Oscars. WOW, Slumdog Millionare has won many, many awards. It’s crazy! But it’s very entertaining. I was impressed when Kate Wimset thanked Peter Jackson!

South Pacific Pictures’ latest TV drama, Go Girls has hit screens and it’s getting mixed feedback. Personally, I don’t think it’s something I can be or get interested in. It’s about three girls who have dreams, and a guy. They are all mates and want to achieve their dreams on getting rich/famous/married in a year. I found that some acting/plot wasn’t that intresting! I was disapointed to be honest, but will check it out a few more times anyway. Ooh, Slumdog Millionare just won another award!

At today’s Swimming Sports, Sausages were being sold for $2 each. Is this a fair price to pay for a sausage, or is it too much? I think it’s too much, but I want to know what you think. Vote in the poll below:

PS: Happy Birthday Paul!

Successful Blackout

23 Feb

Prime Minister John Key has announced the controversial Section 92A law, which has been widely condemned by internet users, is to be delayed.

It will go on hold until March 27 while work is carried out on a voluntary code of practice.

If no solution is reached by then it will be suspended.

-NZ Herald

The weekend!

21 Feb

It’s Saturday, 21st of February 2009.
It’s just Mum, Jamie and myself here. Until tomorrow night of course, but still…it’s great! The only downside is we don’t have a car, but we can get around that.

So Palmy North is just two weeks away. Time really does fly! But I’m looking forward to a break without family hanging around! It would be nice, haven’t done something like that for a long time.
Also, WOMAD is coming up next month too. Yikes, I’m not going to have any money for that! That’s my only money worry too *boasts*
Will be heading to Wellington in the first weekend of April to go to Armageddon with the Clearnet team, and that will be very cool.
Will also have work experience at TelstraClear over the April holidays, so that will be cool too!
Work at Zieland Productions will start in March, every Friday for the rest of the year. Bit nervous about that..

So plenty of stuff coming up over the next month or two! School’s going fine, and on Monday I was appointed Deputy Head Libraian. Geeky? Well not really. I do it because I like being in the office-environment, having some-sort of power and it’s like running a small business. I’m working on projects such as a renovation and how we can use SKY more efficently to benefit students and teachers. I’m hoping to get MySKY, so we can record various eductional shows and documentaries.

What else has been going on? Well I did go to Auckland during the week, and there was a brief report about that. We ended up getting delayed coming back to NP due to a major accident on the Southern Motorway. So we stayed a extra night and went to The White lady – an iconic, long white carovan that sells the best burgers in town. Seriously, it’s way better than Brucies! Their burger…wow. It wasn’t a “This is a sweet burger” or “This burger’s good”, it was a “WOAH this burger is fantastic!” It was really good quality, the mean, fresh lettuce…everything. It was the best burger I’ve had in my life, and I don’t have any problems with saying that. Plus, it didn’t leave a fatty-feeling in your mouth afterwards either. Perfect.

Don’t forget to join the Internet blackout – information on this is avaiable on the post made before this one. Cheers.

Better go have lunch now…cya!