Upcoming Events

24 Feb

I couldn’t think of anything else to write apart from what I’m going to be up to over the next few months!

This weekend Americana hits town again, so that’ll be a cool event to hang out at. There’s American stuff popping up all over town!
Next week (6-9 March)
I will be heading to Palmy North for a break and to hang out with some family friends. It’ll be a good break away and I’m looking forward to having a holiday away from family =]
The week after (13-15 March) is WOMAD. Now I won’t have any spare cash to spend this time round, it should be a good time regardless….some people I know that are going: Matt, Sheryl, Meredith, Kate, Dad, Mike.
The last week of March (28+ March I think) is when I will be going up north with my Biology class. We’re going up past Auckland, but I don’t know a huge amount of information about the trip.

The first weekend of April is what I believe to be the Armageddon Expo in Wellington. I’ll be flying down with the Clearnet crew (event sponsor) to cover the event for clearnet.co.nz.
The April holidays is when I will be working at TelstraClear in Takapuna.

So a few things to look forward to, as well as a few competitions: Astronomy Film Competition + 48 Hour Film Festival. Hoping to begin a new film project (TKP) in the future as well.
No new job as of yet, but not too worried at this stage. Freedom is great, and I’ll enjoy it while I can. Am Deputy Head Libraian at NPBHS which is a demanding-non-nerdy job which is fun because i get to boss people around and make big decisions. More decisions that the head at the moment, but we won’t go there in great detail.
Am working on a site for TKP, so it’s independant of Kyle’s Blog.

So yeah. That’s pretty much it..


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