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Where are they now?

31 Mar

The cast of Tracey’s Back: Where are they now?

Megen Williems-Blacktopp (Lauriel Morrison) is now living in Wellington and is working towards becoming a flight attendant.

Kyle Wadsworth (Josh Sylvia) is busy with schoolwork, undergoing on-the-job training at Zieland Productions and thinking up new projects.

Ben Coneglan (Office Guy) is now living + working up above Auckland. He recently signed up with a talent agency.

Tracey McNutt (Meredith Regan) is working as a mental-health worker for the Taranaki Base Hospital.

Andrea Jupp (Monique Sylvia) is busy working for people with Alzheimers and looking after her family.


The Virtual Barbershop

26 Mar

The Virtual Barbershop is a 4 minute clip that toys with your brain and creates an amazing and realistic sound that is guanteed to make you flinch.

It is probably one of the best showcase of audio recording technology by recreating a real-life situation in a virtual scenario. While visiting a barbershop to get a haircut is common, getting a similar experience through the headphones is something simply amazing.

For this to work: You’ll need to CLOSE YOUR EYES and WEAR HEADPHONES.
It’s vital to do this so the brain thinks what you are hearing is 100% real.

Once you’re ready, click play below and be amazed!


26 Mar

Hello Jamie. Haha.

Premiere Photos

25 Mar

I just realised I never uploaded any photos from the Tracey’s Back premiere!
So, I’ve uploaded them over on facebook.
Click here to check them out!

TVNZ programmes available on Sky

25 Mar

TVNZ and SKY Television have signed a new agreement making all of TVNZ channels available to SKY’s more than 2 million viewers.

The agreement provides for HD versions of TV ONE and TV2 to be available to MYSKYHDi viewers from 1st June, for TVNZ 6 and 7 to be available to all SKY viewers from 1st July, and for TVNZ to provide regional advertising on TV ONE from 1st July.

The two networks had a carriage contract for TV ONE and TV2 which was scheduled to expire at the end of 2011. The new agreement provides certainty for both parties until 2020 and beyond.

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What am I doing?

25 Mar

Wow I don’t come here much…I need to make more of an effort.
So last night I returned from a school Biology trip up North. We stayed at a place near Leigh (past Auckland) and we were there to visit a Marine Reserve.
I’ll write a post about the trip later on.

I’m working on ideas for the next film also; it’s harder than it sounds. Luckily I’ve got a long list of people who are keen to join the film, so casting won’t be an issue =D

Some sad news: Dad is so against me learning to drive. While most of my classmates and guys at school drive to school, I can’t. Dad’s promise about a car if I passed exams (which I think I posted about posted about at the time) fell though. Mum doesn’t mind me learning, but I’m yet to actually begin. So I don’t know, there’s not much I can do about it. It looks like if I am going to be moving to Auckland next year, I’ll be biking, walking or using public transport frequently.

Here is some good news to end this short post:
Helen Clark lands top United Nations job

The WOMAD Expierence

17 Mar

Well I don’t know what to write here anymore!
But I should reference WOMAD. So, last weekend I attended WOMAD in New Plymouth and it was great fun!

There was a few disappointments though; Anika Moa was put on the smallest stage, resulting in a huge overflowing crowd in a small space. Hmm. Then she didn’t turn up to the signing, disappointing about 30 fans who were waiting in line!
Bad organisation there.

Speed Caravan, were defiantly the BEST performers at the festival! I highly recommend you check them out:

There’s discussion wiether WOMAD will return to New Plymouth or not in the future »

I suspect these type of discussions (loosing WOMAD) won’t be going away just yet. But we’ll see. After all, there is no better venue for the event than the Brooklands Park; you’d know that if you’ve ever attended the massive festival.
Other centres are bound to be jealous 🙂