The next thing

1 Mar

After spending Thursday -> Sunday miserable with some kind of flu (which tortured my asthma), I’m looking forward to going back to school tomorrow! haha.
Tomorrow I’ll be organising a team to enter a film competition, so that’ll be exciting! And on top of that, I’m organising a new film and getting new people together!
I miss not doing the whole production-thing, so it feels great to be gearing up again! Filming won’t happen until at least July/August anyway, because I have to plan everything and write the script. Luckily we have some new confirmed faces and some old confirmed faces!
If you are keen on joining the next production email me:

On Wednesday I have to attend a First Aid course and be at school at 7.45am. Wow thats early…but worth it! I begin work at Zieland Productions this month =]
On Friday I’m going to Palmy for a short holiday, hopefully I’ll get some more film ideas from that too.

Before I go, I’ll say this: Beyond The Tubing, the documentary behind Tracey’s Back will be uploaded by Tuesday! =]


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