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25 Apr

Running Time: 04.22
Note: A special video made especially for Denis’s 55th Birthday celebrations.



25 Apr

STARRING: Meredith Regan, Denis Wadsworth and Eric Foreman
Running Time: 02.21
Note: A special episode made especially for Denis’s 55th Birthday celebrations.

TODAY: 25 APRIL 2009

25 Apr

Before we begin this post, I’d like to say Happy ANZAC Day. While there isn’t anything happy about it, it’s a day where we can honour those who died for us in the war. It’s a day where the family goes out to visit my Grandparents’ graves.
It’s a day where there is no ads on TV until noon, and a day where you can remember them.

Tonight is Dad’s Birthday BBQ & Party, and I have a little something to share tonight that I filmed with Dad yesterday. I think he enjoyed jumping on the other side of the camera for once, having turned down the role for Inspector Gavin Woodmass in Tracey’s Back.
This new short will be one you can’t miss! It will premiere ONLINE at 8pm, right here. Don’t miss it because you will not be expecting what happens!


It’s nearly over.

23 Apr

In just a matter of days,
I will be back at school. Bah. Sometimes I think “stuff it” and other times “go for it”, because I really don’t feel that interested in Level 2 like I was with Level 1. I’ll stick with it though, because of Gateway and my commitments with school duties, etc. But yeah. It’s kinda depressing really.

But what isn’t deperessing is a few things. There always seems to be more positive things than negitive, and sometimes you just need to find them. But the bad crap always seems to outweigh the good stuff. So, here it is:
On Saturday night, Dad will have his 55th. I, with Dad have filmed a little skit which will premiere on the night, which is exciting because I never thought in a million years we’d be doing this again. If that confuses you…then wait and see. If  you’ve seen my other works, then this might surprise you.
Also, NZ Idol winner Ben Lummis will be joining the cast of the next film, which is fantastic! Even if it is just a cameo, it’s going to be good.
I have been appointed “Moderator” on Street Talk, a popular and growing Shortland Street forum. South Pacific Pictures keep a close eye on that site…
I’ve also got a 1-day-job with Throng. It’ll be great to be earning again. This will be going straight into savings. Plus, Dad said I could have the car I want (and he wants too, secretly so Mum can use it as well) if I got a job. Well even if it’s just for a few hours, it’s still a job so…..go buy 😉

I realised I never uploaded my beach picture! It’s an image of some of my close mates and family on the beach. You can check it below:

Beach Cast

The Doctor

18 Apr

I have no idea how I managed to avoid the doctor over the last four years, but finally I’ve discovered the TARDIS and Doctor Who is my new faourite show.
The legendary programme was revived by the BBC in 2005, and has been a huge hit.
Prime currently holds the rights to the show, and has aired all of the new seasons. I think the show is fantastic – and I’m glad it’s been so successful!
I don’t watch Prime, it’s just not a channel I’ve ever bothered to look at, especailly since the channel isn’t available on Freeview – a reason why I’m against Sky + Prime screening the Olympics.

Holidays have been good so far – Didn’t get to go to Zieland this week, but I’ll be there next week. Jeremy had his 13th Bithday, a sleepover; much to Mum & Dad’s delight, I began working on a proposal for a new project and putting ideas together for the four-seperate film projects I’m going to be busy with soon.
It’s Dad’s birthday next week, that should be fun to deal with. It’s also Angus’ and Ryan’s birthday parties next Monday, which reminds me I need to buy birthday presents and find out the times of their parties, so I can arrange to be at both.

Oh, and I need to study up on Legal Studies + Biology for school, copy out more notes and do homework.

So I’d better get some sleep. Night.

…and Easter’s gone…

13 Apr

I know there’s still Monday left, but wow; Easter sunday flew past pretty quick. Damn, that means the ad-free television is over until Christmas!
Ahhh. Easter here was okay. We had heaps of visitors on Sunday, mainly family and that was good. And while I believe in Santa Claus more than the Easter Bunny, I still got a fair amount of eggs this year so that made my day =]

I’ll be cooking some chutney tomorrow, Pineapple and Cucumber. Mum and Dad loved it, and now Lynley wants to buy some so I’ll cook some up tomorrow. I’ve been doing alot of preserving foods lately, we’ve been studying different processes at school and it’s been interesting making jams and sauces! Who knew they would actually taste good? Hmm, I’ve turned into a Grandad.

I’ve a lot planned these holidays so I won’t be blogging much. But in a nutshell, I’ve got three sessions at Zieland coming up – working on a film competition, two birthdays to attend – on the same day, Dad’s birthday at the end of the holidays, and I did have Ethen staying but he got grounded. And yes, I am currently writing out ideas for the next film. Dad is reluctant to do it with our faulty camera, but it’s not as if we can afford a new one anytime soon, and I don’t want to just give up production while I’m on a roll.

Anyway, I’ve got to go because Jamie’s staying over tonight and I want to go to bed soon.
Happy Easter!

Four Films, Holidays, School Staff Laptops and Accidents.

11 Apr

I really didn’t take advantage of the no-ads yesterday like I should of.
Oh well.

It’s holidays now, which should give me some thinking space so I can prepare for the FOUR films I’ll be working on. Yes, four:

  1. TuiKiwi Productions: Project #03
  2. Zieland Productions: Depict Film Competition
  3. WITT Course: Create a short film
  4. NPBHS Utility Period: Film making

So thats alot of filmmaking going on there!
I was going to do an additional WITT 3-day course in the holidays but I figured it would be way too much film for my liking, and plus I will be working at Zieland over the days of the course anyway.

School life is good, my dean has organised for me to use a laptop in class instead of writing notes and getting pain in my thumb. Which is great! It’s a staff laptop, and not old either. It has Bluetooth and Wireless and all of that jazz, but don’t think I’ll be using all that extra stuff anyway. Note to Dad: Contact Steve =]

For those who know about Dad’s accident last Sunday, he’s doing much better now and looks much better too.

I’m going to go to bed. So HAPPY EASTER!
I was going to change from a Pirate to a Easter Bunny (top of page), but didn’t get around to it.