Dick Smith Rebrand

4 Apr

Check out Dick Smith’s new logo!
It’s starting to slowly be rolled out across Australia and New Zealand.
Here’s a statement from Dick Smith’s spokesman:

Dick Smith is a successful business and brand but we needed to ensure we are relevant to modern consumers. The objective of the rebrand was to make the Dick Smith brand relevant in today’s market and support the business moving from electronics to technology. Research conducted over past 18 months confirmed the Dick Smith Brand was dated and considered old fashioned. The word electronics had us stuck in the 1970s. We’re in the technology and entertainment business and we realised we needed a contemporary brand to match that.

Our new branding invites customers to come talk to us — after all we have been talking technology for 40 years. We are solution providers and we are about humanizing technology and making the category exciting not daunting — that’s why we like to call ourselves Techxperts!

Techxperts? That’s in the new tag line too, and some people may have trouble trying to pronouce it! Let’s say Tech-sperts for now, because that’s what it should sound like with the “x” sound.
The font of the tag line makes it look really out of place.

Given that the image of its founder was so central to the branding for Dick Smith Electronics, the choice to remove his grinning head is a little strange.

The company has appeared dated for a long time and was overdue for an update — though I can’t help but feel that some of the qualities that made Dick Smith unique have been lost, especially the loss of Smith’s grinning head.


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