The headmaster and the sick joke

12 May

It’s hard not to laugh when your headmaster opens the formal assembly with “I have a sick joke to tell you”. And while he did it last week as well, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. It’s just something you do not expect your respected headmaster to say! In fact I’m not supposed to be in Assemblies anyway, which occur on a Monday and Friday. I’m at WITT on Mondays, and I’m supposed to be on my Gateway placement on Fridays. So I need to find a new placement fast!

Things are going fine, I think, at the moment. I’ve changing some details to the storyline of Pure Modesty and really busy with school work. Tests and assignments always seem to come up at the same time – it’s annoying! Right now I have English and Biology and Legal Studies and Home Economics all rolled into one. Gateway work is casual, there’s no deadline and there’s nothing for study period, which is just boring.

I’ve finished watching Doctor Who – wow what a finale! A truly legendary piece of television. And so it Outrageous Fortune, which is finally being advertised on TV3 as “Coming Soon”. About time, filming on the latest season finished ages ago! Hopefully i’ll be less than a month away. I’ve posted the trailer, so check it out.

I tried uploading BEYOND THE TUBING twice today, but it kept failing. BTT is the documentary we made while filming Tracey’s Back. It’s pretty interesting if I do say so myself, with it’s bloopers and behind the scenes footage. I might try again later. If you’re wondering why all my videos are of low quality, it’s just because I need to be able to upload it quickly and have it stream quickly, so you don’t have to wait forever until it loads.


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