Teacher Kyle

22 May

It’s quite fun being a teacher you know. Yes, a teacher!
Every Thursday afternoon we have film class. And Mr. Johnson heads it, but the class it split into three groups who are out and about doing their own things (film wise) and each has their own classroom and leader. But there’s a bit of a story behind the three groups.

The class was going to be split into two groups – the Seniors and the Juniors. Somehow, Ryan & I were put into the juniors group – !!!
The senior guys – all the same year as me (Yr 12) were at the back, being stupid so meh. The juniors were at the front being kinda nerdy, and my group sat in the middle, in serious discussion.
I was going to be in the juniors, with a Year 10 leader who knew nothing about film! I was not going to stand for that, I’d go insane! So I had a chat and luckily, my little group split into it’s own so three groups were born. That’s the little story behind the groups.

So we have our own classroom with projector and about two dozen computers. The guys sit down (mainly Year 9s) and we go though camera angles, etc. Today we went over the plot of our film – titled Crossroads. It was a film I was going to create with Zieland Productions, but instead I transferred it to the school. The group agreed to make films under the “TUIKIWI Productions” label and I was fine with that, seeing as I’m editing and directing the project. But I’ve got the guys doing some work too – for example, Ryan is writing the project, and Luke is going to be a cameraman.

Speaking about cameras – we’re filming HD! The cameras we are using are HD. Amazing. The first TKP HD film! Haha! So I’ll be learning something too.

So today I ran a little quiz in class and organised the roles. Now I just need to get a few things prepared for next week, which is when we start filming. And it’s such a buzz to be teaching lol! Not a career path – at this stage, but it’s been fun.


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