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False Fires & Handprints of Excrecia

28 Jun

Kinda sounds like the title of a twisted TV series doesn’t it?
Just to clarify; no it’s no project of mine! See, it all happened on Friday. The day Michael Jackson died – and wow that really was a shock – I still find it hard to believe.  So the news was starting to spread during interval and the bell went to get to class. But this was a very long bell – fire alarm! I headed down to the gully, the school’s meeting point and soon the rest of the school were down there, running around in the pouring rain and making a mess of the field; not good for rugby the next day, or the laptop in my school bag! Teachers were giving mixed instructions and no one had any idea what they were supposed to be doing. Turns out someone thought it would be fun to set off the alarm in memory of MJ. When that person is caught, they’ll be hit with a $1500 fine. Ouch. But the Deputy Headmaster did point out it’s silver lining – they now know how unprepared the school is in terms of emergencies. Wahoo, I suppose that means we’ll have a few more drills in the near future.

The Deputy Headmaster also revealed some “sick” news at a later assembly. This gathering, of 1300 boys in the school’s Gym was disgusting because it stank. And I’m pretty sure it was a fire hazzard, I should have rang the fire service about it actually. Now, the headmaster usually begins his assemblies “I have a sick joke to share”, so naturally we thought that the Dep.HM was going to do the same thing when he said “Guys, I have some sick news'”. He then followed with “Someone in our school has a mental illness”. Everyone laughed, why I thought “DISCRIMINATION!”. He went on to explain how some stupid idiot kid had pissed all over the floor in a toliet block, covered their hands in their own excrecia (you can guess which excrecia for yourself) and put handprints over it all over the walls! That really is gross. So the Dep.HM’s comments about it being sick and mental are justified. He told the school this kid needs serious help and anyone who knows about it must let him kno. Fair enough; this kid really does need help and once he’s found out, im sure he’ll be the laughing stick of the WHOLE school.

So that’s the title explained. Next week filming begins; exciting stuff! I look forward to it, in fact I competed the script today with Sheree’s help. Which is about time too, it’s been almost 6 months since TB was released and it’s time to do something else.

Work has been a lot of fun; I’ve worked at two supermarkets now for training and it’s been great. I like it! Work at Merrilands is cool, they recently changed the shop around and it looks fantastic 🙂

Bed time now; thanks for reading! I’ll see what I can do about uploading a preview of filming late next week. I have no Gateway placement still (as Zieland Productions closed) but still attending WITT which is coolish. TV School is later this year (YAY) and will be working on getting work expierence later this year.


It’s almost time again…

23 Jun

Next week, filming begins for Episode 1 of Modest Pleasure; my next production. And it’s really exciting because i’m really, really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and filming again! Except this time it’s with a whole new cast of people, well almost; Meredith and Andrea, the stars of Tracey’s Back (they played characters Tracey McNutt and Monique Sylvia) will be making a guest appearance in the episode with the new star of the show, Sheryl Parker.

Another change is Dad will not be cameraman for these scenes. He won’t even be at filming at all as he’ll be in Auckland, which will be good. The week after, the cast of Modest Pleasure will be traveling to Auckland to film scenes up there with Ben Lummis. More exciting stuff!

I begin my new job tomorrow; which is also cool but am natuarally nervous about it.I’ve been off school this week as I had the normal flu,so I have a lot of school work and assessments to catch up on. Driving lessions are going smashingly and Rodney will be here any minute so I need to go get prepared! Thanks for reading – there will be a few updates of filming next week on here and possibly a preview. I hope to have everything filmed at cut by July 17th.

Being Busy, Jobs, TV & School

11 Jun

I think the title just about covers everything!
I’ve been real busy over the last few weeks, i’ve hardly had much time to myself.

So last week I was in Auckland (YUS) filming on The Jaquie Brown Diaries. It was really awesome. As per my contact, I can’t reveal what happens or who my chracter is but it will be awesome to watch! I can say, however that Rhys Darby is in the episode and I shake his hand, much to Ryan’s jealousy. Haha.
I made heaps of new mates on the show and luckily they all have Facebook! So I’ll keep in touch with them and vise versa. Was a really cool expierence 😀

I got a phonecall from Countdown yesterday. I was a bit surprised and hopefull of why they wanted to see me again, and it turns out that my interviews were successful; they offered me a job! How cool! So I’ll be working there, as well as helping out at Merrilands Takeaways. I was stoaked; my first real interview process and I succeeded. Very proud of that, as many guys I know were turned down for the job! :O

Outrageous Fortune is back on our screens, and everyone’s loving it. I recap the episode for addicted overseas fans, on Rachel recently revamped the site and it looks awesome, so check that out.

I also broke my 7 year record of no detentions. Not my fault of course, but I’m not complaining because all it involved was me being in a classroom for half an hour during lunch. I could read a book or whatever, so I did that as well as chat to a few mates that were also in there. It wasn’t that bad at all; but then I realised that I was in the same room as people who threatened teachers, abused others, assulted others, and worse. And all I was in there for was for missing a study period. Hmm.

The other day it was cool to go back to CityFitness; the Gym; with Ryan, Sheree and Hayley. That was pretty fun and hopefully I can go back a few more times before my trial runs out – again.

HUGE thanks to Rodney for giving me driving lessions over the last few weeks, and for your support! Good luck for your course and job applications. Rodney is a pianoist, who recently traveled the world, playing on a cruise ship, see a sample of his works below:

Heading back

4 Jun

Well im on my way back as we speak but I have had an amazing few days working on The Jaquie Brown Diaries!
Wardrobe dressed me as a polar bear in party Scenes and You will def see me as I am in most of them. I got best dressed on the shoot so $250 worth of vouchers for a very flash restsraunt. Had two “cuddles” with Jaquie and picked her up in the last one! Talked a lot with her and the cast. There is also a very special quest in the episode (episode 3) who I had scenes with. I will post more as soon as I get back home 🙂

A Day on Set

3 Jun

So today was my first day on set of The Jaquie Brown Diaries. And wow it looks like a fantastic new series is coming!
This is just a quick update; the hours are long, but hanging out passes time. I play a character in a bear suit.

Still having issues with XT and typing on this pc; so will end this post and post when all is working :@

Auckland & XT Network

1 Jun

Well I’m here in Auckland!
Traveled up here with Dad and Eric yesterday morning. It was a good trip….a bit tired though as Sheree stayed over and we did not get any sleep at all . Brought my XT Network phone on Friday and I have been overwhelmed with terrible customer service and problems since the launch. Took 48 hours to be connected, and in that time, my old Telecom mobile was disconnected so neither phone worked. Wouldn’t have been good if there was an accident on my way to Auckland!

Telecom promises on their website, $10 credit on every sim and free credit with every topup ($5 for every $20 topup so = $25 credit). I didn’t get my $10, so I topped up $20 and when I did that, I didn’t get my $5. So that’s been annoying too!

AND, due to Telecom error my phone was disconnected today. I’m so sick of having to ring them.

But when it does work, it is incredible. I love the phone, and love it more when it works properly. The video/voice calls are so clear, data is so speedy and all round, the new network is really, really good. Expect more posts when I’m on the go because I’m on a good cheap data plan 😀

XT Network side, tomorrow I will be filming with The Jaquie Brown Diaries which is exciting. Can’t wait for that!
I won’t be able to post about it very much but I will say how it went.  Heading back to New Plymouth on Thursday morning, and then to my Countdown interview.