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JULY 31, 2006

31 Jul

Denis, Kyle, Violet and Jim 3

The morning of Monday, July 31st:
The sun’s bright light broke though the blue, clear barrier that was the sky. A dedicated husband pushes his sick wife around the house in her wheelchair, her first time out of the home since she came back from hospice. He pushed her gently down the back-door ramp, round to the left side of the house and they followed the fence. The front garden awaited them, the ground coated with dew. The day was crisp and beautiful, hardly any wind. Water sat still in the basin of a delicate birdbath. The garden remained pleasant – the grass well trimmed against a pathway. This was a wonderful sight for Violet, a time to take in the fresh air and just relax while admiring her gardens. They crossed the lawn, onto the path and down a small dip into the driveway. A man arrived, who shared resemblance with Violet. He seemed so happy and glad to see her looking so healthy, so bright after so much suffering. This man was her younger brother Denis, who had decided to stop by and see how she was doing. However this was only a brief visit, and he soon left.
Violet’s husband Jim wheeled his wife up the driveway, round to the ramp and back inside. The birds outside were chirping as the sun gleamed on the dew. Denis smiled to himself as he drove home, full of relief at the healthy sight of his beloved sister. Violet was on the road to recovery, and this was the first step.
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Whittaker’s V.S Cadbury

31 Jul

The consumer blacklash against Cadbury is huge, and it seems to be growing more and more everyday with new Facebook groups and websites popping up all over the net. More and more consumers are concerned and disgusted by Cadbury’s changing to it’s Dairy Milk chocolate, with Auckland Zoo even pulling the products off it’s shelves due to the addition of Palm Oil to the chocolate.

Everyone knows about the changes; The blocks have shrunk 50g, cocoa butter has been reduced (with the newly-added & nasty vegetable oil making up the difference) and the products are no longer made in New Zealand.

And now Whittakers are cleverly exploiting the backlash with a televicion commerical that highlights the differences between both brands. It’s a risky move taking on a massive global, corporate company like Cadbury with a direct comparison ad, but the backlash against Cadbury is so strong, I think this is going to pay off for them big time. I have tried to enjoy the new Dairy Milk but the taste is just horribily wrong. However it is hard not to enjoy Whittaker’s, which is something I now plan on doing in the future =]

Checkout this PXT I found, taken in a Countdown supermarket:

Which is the more popular brand now?

Which is the more popular brand now?

Wow that took a long time

29 Jul

Pure Modesty (Ep1) is finally online and it’s about time!
Again, apologies about the credits being “half way though”. We wern’t sure if we were going to film the final scenes, which we ended up filming on the day of the screening! There was no time to edit them in properly, so they ended up after the credits. But oh well. At least it keeps you watching I suppose, but I will not be putting scenes after the credits anymroe – not after Tracey’s Back!

Feedback has been great – we’re excited about filming more episodes in the near future! Look out for Ben Lummis who makes a special appearance!

At the moment, I’ve been up to school, work and WITT. I’m doing a journalism course there, which compliments my new gateway placement quite nicely and I’m planning a few more episodes. WITT is fun, really enjoying it! Can’t believe I almost didn’t go.

Anyway, make sure you comment on PM either here or at, because comments are really important so we know what you think about the new work. I personally think the acting is much better than the other stuff (Andrea and Meredith are much better, and I play a mean drunk haha) and it’s just great. We all had a really good night filming it.

Pure Modesty – Episode 1

29 Jul

After Jodi’s 40th birthday, life will never be the same for the Corrigans! Relationships are smacked apart much to the partygoer’s delight and an unexpected pair end up in bed together.

Make sure you checkout the scenes after the credits!
Sheryl Parker, Kyle Wadsworth, and Amy Blake
GUEST STARS: Meredith Regan and Andrea Jupp
Running Time: 09.04
Rated: PG-13
Note: Pause the video to allow the streaming to load. Rendering issues have made one scene hard to hear; sorry about that.

Behind the scenes post about this episode can be found here »

Stand by…

29 Jul

Pure Modesty episode 1 will be online TONIGHT

Holidays are over!

20 Jul

On Saturday 18th I had my 17th. Which was a great time had by all, really; the night was long and there was a real variety of different people there. We screened Pure Modesty which got some great responces; the actors thought it was hilerious and the people who talked to me about liked it more than the other stuff, which is a common comment in passing to me now. I will upload it soonish this week; today is my real birthday and I am relaxing!
One thing I learnt from my birthday was this; when you are around particular people for an extended period of time, it just gets really annoying. Which is what I found over the weekend, so in future I don’t really want another birthday sleepover. Yikes. But the best thing was that while I planned a smaller birthday than last year, it turned out to be much bigger!

Another thing: I will not be renewing the domain. This is because I think it’s a bit too commercial; I will continue my blog, but on a different web address. will continue though because thats another place where my films will be from now on, yay. While renewing is months away I think, I’m just putting down the law now. This blog isn’t as personal as I had wanted it to be in the begining because of the whole “” thing, so I want to get it back to that stage. If you still want to follow, email

But yeah. Time for bed. =]

P.S: Thanks Dad for the great non-cutting shaver, time to throw out the razor! I cut myself with it before work, and went to work bleeding and looking like an idiot holding tissues to my chin. *sigh*
And that’s not all – I had a huge lip because I wacked it falling over on Saturday, what a mess 😛

P.P.S: Thanks Mum for the mink, it’s SO MUCH BETTER and I really like it.

P.P.P.S: I did turn a blind eye to you this morning. Be careful about what you say and where you say it.


16 Jul

I’ve uploaded a swag of photos from filming, etc to Facebook!
Here’s the link:

Everythings going well, I’m working a lot lately! Countdown The Valley will be open soon so am excited about that! Filming and editing and photographing is all taking place (almost at once) so I am really looking forward to sleeping after this!~ Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be meeting the deadline of Tuesday for Episode 2, depsite all the hard work!

Tomorrow I’ll be making an important decision about all of this. I hope the outcome is favourable, but until then, we’ll see.

But anyway, I am loving working out at CD The Valley and as I said, I can’t wait until it opens which will be on July 22 (even though there are OPEN signs all over the building now hehe).

Well, that’s all for now…