Extra Study

4 Aug

Yesterday I recieved my learning materials package from The Open Polytechnic; on top of school, work, WITT and my Gateway placement at the Taranaki Daily News, I’m also studying though The Open Polytechnic for a Certificate in Customer Relations!
So things are real busy at the moment; feedback has been pouring in over Pure Modesty and it’s been watched a huge amount of times. People seem to love it and want more, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Last night I spotted the ad for the Big Night In: Telethon 2009 which is on this weekend. It’s very clever; I look forward to watching some of it!! It begins 7pm this Saturday on TV3.  I brought one of the official T-Shirts from Mr. Vintage, and the whole $30 is going towards the charity Kidscan which is great. So that’s my Telethon contribution, my good deed for the month =D

Not much else is happening. School’s going well; going to court on Thursday with Legal Studies which will be interesting. Real tired at the moment though – I just woke up about half an hour ago. Looking forward to Outrageous Fortune tonight – it’s meant to be a huge episode!

But yeah. I’ma go see what I can do about this silly essay that’s due tomorrow.


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