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Night before Christchurch

27 Sep

Well it’s 12.30am, I need to get some sleep as I need to be up at 6am to catch my plane. The only thing that sucks (apart from getting up EARLY) is the face that Daylight Savings is not in place; crap. My time co-ordination is completely out of whack now! Well it’s about to be anyway.

I had a bit of a do on Friday night with Jamie, Ryan and Sheree which was cool. Went to bed at 4am, then Meredith came over on Saturday morning and dropped me off at work after a few hours’ sleep. Which was ok, i coped. I DID NOT LIKE the fact that I only got ONE break in 6 hours. That was horrible. My back really hurt! I think I prefer working at night because it’s a cooler atmosphere than during the day.
I finished work after 9.30 (as I had to do some work-related things) and headed home. I’ve packed my bags and right now everything is charging (iPod Touch, Phone 1, Phone 2, Macbook Pro) and yeah.

Flight leaves at 8am, so I need to be there at 7.30 I think? It doesn’t say when I need to be there. I hope I get there in time anyways. REAL excited about going because I’ve never been in the North Island before. Plus it’s all about film. I’m going to be with some of the best film students in NZ; intimidating!

Non-related stuff:
Twitter: I changed my twitter username to something different so it no longer  “represented” my name. Feels less formal. But if there are any tweets that are stupid, don’t sound like me and/or relate to Damien, relax and learn to laugh a bit. And stop stalking/reporting everything to my parents. God I’m not 12.

The Cult: The BEST show made my New Zealand on TV right now. Sure, Outrageous Fortune is the best COMEDY show, but this really takes the cake in terms of it’s storyline, and polished editing + camerawork. It’s world class, and only on TV2. Thursdays at 8.30pm.

Right – time to sleep. Up in a few hour. Goodnight! See you round… =D


Unexpected Disapointment

25 Sep

Hmm, it’s been one of those days where everything goes really good and you have something really awesome to look forward to; and then it’s like bleh. Something expected happens (in this case, mum is really ill) and it’s just really disapointing! Sigh. I was lookin forward to a good night with mates and stuff, now it’s going to be bleh. Bleh. Before chirstchurch – probably good so I can rest! Every cloud…?

Hope mum gets better soon anyway. I don’t want her bug haha – and yeah. Special hay to Leon, who may be reading this right now. If you are, enjoy your Holidays. =]


24 Sep

You know, whenever o think of a really good topic or idea to post about, I can never write it because I’m never near an Internet device. So I forgot this really good idea I had at school yesterday. Damn.
Heading to Christchurch this Sunday – wow if is going to be so amazing! Going to have a bit of a party on friday as everyone enjoys a good, fair boose up haha.
WITT was supposed to finish for me on Wednesday, but becaus the the tutors striked last week and we lost a lession, we are having a catchup on both Thursday and Friday. Yay.
Still loving my iPod touchie and MacBook – haven’t used a pc on ages now!
Today, I went out with a mate from work and had a ‘skux’ haircut hahahahH. it was awesome, then went shopping with Sade and then to hayleys play with Jessie. So it’s been a real busy day, and exams are fast approaching – ick

Brief touch

18 Sep

It’s been awhile since I last posted; I’ve been home from school this week because I haven’t been feeling so good. But over the last month, I’ve brought a MacBook Pro and iPod Touch!
I’m actually using the touch to write this now. It’s an incredible little device and I love it!
Next week I fly out to Christchurch and I can’t wait! It will be amazing. Having a leaving party next Friday – any excuse for a party! Lol.
Everything is fine, family are all good and I will return to the Taranaki Daily News today. It’s 2.44 am, and I should seriously be asleep right now…..I’ll post a bigger post sometime soon!

Wowza. Look at that

12 Sep

Bet you didn’t notice who wrote the article I posted before this – Students farewell stand-in mother was written by me and published in the Taranaki Daily News! I’m a real reporter now haha! It was pretty awesome waking up to that, and not only did Mrs. Moore get heaps of attention for that, the teachers loved the article and it was a great way to farewell her from the school. She’s an awesome teacher =D So proud of that article 😀

Another article that got heaps of attention was The whiz kid, published a week ago! Some guys at school had no idea I was doing all that stuff, and even to me it doesn’t seem like much….lol I walked into class and they clapped ^_^
Teachers thought it was an impressive article, and one did question why the school wasn’t shown positively. I had to explain the article was conducted a month before the actual school donation crap and plus the article wasn’t even about the school. They added a little paragraph in there which was taken from the articles on the school saga, it wasn’t fresh quotes.
And I don’t like how some teachers are saying “Oh but you hate the school”. It’s very unnerving, even if it is a joke.
At work, a customer went to a supervisor and put down a compliment about me! I’ve had a few of those…but in this case, they said “That boy in Lane 6 is very polite…” to which the supervisor replied “No, He’s a wizz kid” LOL! The story was the best thing that could have possibily happened all year =D

In two weeks I’m flying out to Christchurch with Ethan Wilkins, I can’t wait haha…..gonig to have a leaving party on the Friday before hand – any excuse for another party! So that will be awesome.
Pure Modesty episode 2 is finished. Working on episode 3 at the moment!

So watch this space. And don’t forget that will be offline next month from mid-October. There will be a new URL. =]

Just got a clear image of TUIKIWI Beer on Outrageous Fortune, Series 4 Episode 17:

"Outrageous" TUIKIWI Beer

TUIKIWI: Premium Quality - Outrageous Fortune, Series 4, Episode 17.

Students farewell stand-in mother

8 Sep
Tuessday, September 8 2009
By Kyle Wadsworth | Taranaki Daily News
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Retiring dean of international students and ESOL teacher Val Moore surrounded by her New Plymouth Boys High School students.

Retiring dean of international students and ESOL teacher Val Moore surrounded by her New Plymouth Boys' High School students.

Retiring teacher Val Moore will always be known as “mum” to hundreds of New Plymouth Boys’ High School students.

The popular ESOL teacher is retiring this month after a 30-year association with the school.

Headmaster Michael McMenamin says Mrs Moore has given a great amount to the boys and the school.

“I will always remember Val as playing a `mother role’ with the boys who are often separated a long distance from their families,” he says.

Mrs Moore has held her current position teaching English to international students for the past 12 years.

“Students come in without knowing a single word of English and you have to teach them from scratch,” she says.

“Some of the kids who come in from overseas are brilliant. It’s not unusual for them to be able to speak up to six languages.”

Over the 30 years, Mrs Moore’s roles at Boys’ High have covered everything from teaching English to economics, as well as a three-year stint as assistant-matron. As for the future, Mrs Moore is swapping it all for a career in the rag trade.

“I’ve bought a pre-loved clothing shop in Fitzroy.

“I’ve never done retail before and I’m looking forward to the new challenge I can please myself and be the boss for once. No more 6am starts,” she says.

“Pre-loved is the new black!”

Despite the change, she says she “will miss the international boys and their intellect”.

* KYLE WADSWORTH is a WITT Journalism student.

The whiz kid

4 Sep
Wednesday, May 13 2009
By Kirsty Johnston | Taranaki Daily News feature
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It’s hard to believe Kyle Wadsworth when he tells you he’s shy. The 17-year-old has already starred alongside top Kiwi comedians, directed a film featuring New Zealand’s infomercial queen and created his own online persona, all before finishing high school.

Kyle is what some people would call a whiz kid.

Born in New Plymouth to mum Lillian and dad Denis, the New Plymouth Boys’ High student has been making movies since the family got a video camera when he was five.

“My first film was about Santa,” he says. “It’s quite embarrassing. I remember we were in the lounge, Dad was dressed up as Santa, giving out presents and it was daytime. Of course it was daytime, because I had to go to bed by 7.30.”

However, although Kyle’s passion lies with a video camera, it was a different kind of technology that gave the Taranaki teen his big break.

Typical of his generation, Kyle knows his way around a computer better than most people know their way around home.

In 2005, this led him to “stumble across” a yet-to-be-released website, then review it online. Fortunately for Kyle, the website he’d hacked into belonged to TVNZ and the review went viral, attracting attention from media across the country.

“The New Zealand Herald rang up first and said, This is incredible – you’ve gotten into it and no one else has seen it before.

“Then TVNZ were going, Crap, this 14-year-old has found out about it – what do we do?”

The television giant obviously decided to take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach, because the next thing Kyle knew, he’d been invited to Shortland Street’s 15th birthday party at the TVNZ studios.

“I think they were trying to get me onside. [TVNZ chief executive] Rick Ellis took me into his office and asked what TV shows I liked. I was pretty careful not to say any TV3 ones!”

The visit to the studios turned out to be a foot in the door for the young hopeful. Apart from returning several times to work backstage, including most recently with Rhys Darby on the Jaquie Brown Diaries, it’s meant his online Shortland Street take-off was noticed by top TV producers.

In turn, that gave his next project, a Shortland Street-inspired film, enough credibility to attract stars like Paul Ellis [from New Zealand Idol] and make-up guru Suzanne Paul.

“South Pacific, the production company, wrote to me and said, Kyle, you’ve done an excellent job, and that was quite a buzz because they were watching the work that I was doing and I was only 16 when I did that.

“So I emailed Suzanne Paul and she agreed to be in the film. We went to her house. She’s got a very, very flash house. And she was great. She didn’t say, I don’t want to say that . . . though there were references to Natural Glow and lines like ‘but wait, there’s more’ in it. She just did it. I had a lot of respect for her after that.”

For a kid who’s mum still brings him breakfast in bed each morning, Kyle is extremely business-savvy in terms of the entertainment industry. He uses his online persona Tuikiwi (also the name of his production company) as a tool to make contacts in the true sense of the term “social networking”.

For example, when Kyle met Paul Ellis at the Show of Hands party last year, it was his nickname, not his face, the music guru remembered best.

“He recognised the name and click – he spun around and said, you’re Tuikiwi? Ever since, he’s been willing to do films with me, meet up in Auckland and talk about stuff.”

And on top of his studies at Boys’ High, where he takes Year 12 English, biology, legal studies, home economics and Gateway, Kyle is also working at Countdown supermarket (to save for a new camera) and studying extramurally.

He studies journalism and video through Witt and, in case you still weren’t convinced he really understands the nature of business, Kyle’s also taking a certificate in customer relations through the Open Polytech.

In part, the extra study is to make up for the lack of a drama class at Boys’ High. Kyle pretty much has to teach himself, which he does by watching Shortland Street.

While most people wouldn’t consider the medical soap the pinnacle of dramatic acting talent, Kyle says he watches it because it’s on every night and it’s where most Kiwi actors start out – and doing what they do is the best way to enter the industry.

“I watch it and then go into my own production and work it out. The more you act, the more you learn. Plus I worked there for a week watching how they did it and they’re really fast. And I want to be as fast as they are.”

Kyle makes his films mainly after school and at weekends. They involve family and friends – often his two younger brothers, Jeremy and Jamie, with his dad always on camera while Kyle acts or directs. They can use up a lot of energy.

“I got a bit worried last year because I was so focussed on filming and it came to the end of the year and the teachers were a bit worried. But I’d rather focus on my career than dawdle at school, you know? If I’m being offered auditions, I’d rather do that. I get the rark up from my parents sometimes about school, but they’re really supportive.”

Interestingly, Kyle’s latest foray into the spotlight has had nothing to do with his films. During the recent Telethon, he noticed his school hadn’t given all the money it had raised to the KidsCan charity – keeping some for itself – and kicked up a stink.

The media picked up on the drama and Kyle says things were a bit frosty at school for a few days, although he says most of his peers praised him for standing up to the school.

Talking to Kyle, it’s easy to forget he is only 17 – he’s articulate, polite and extremely determined – but the teenager insists he’s just normal.

“I’ve never even been out of the North Island! I like hanging out with mates, playing sport, going to parties. I’ve got a car. I like all kinds of music. I’m not ashamed to say I listen to Womanizer [by Britney Spears] occasionally.

“I like to be able to yell at adults and not be punished for it. That’s why I like acting. You can act however you like. That’s why I’ve got some teachers in some films I’m doing, so I can get smart.

“But I hardly ever get in trouble at school. I’m not a rebel. I’m actually quite shy.”

But if he’s shy, you have to wonder how he’s got to where he is.

“Persistence. You’ve got to be cheeky to get anywhere. It’s been hard for me, but if you’re not saying, Can I do this, can I come work for you . . . if you don’t do that, you don’t get your name out there.

“That chance doesn’t just fall on you.”

And that cheekiness just might be Kyle’s key to success.

“I had a text from TVNZ’s second-in- charge in Auckland saying, Give me a text when you’ve finished high school and I’ll hook you up with a job,” he says with a grin. “I was 14 then and I’ve still got it. I’m saving that text.”